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5 Actionable Winter Grooming Tips for Your Dog

If you happen to be a dog owner, you would know how similar pet keeping is to looking after a baby. Dog grooming routines vary from season to season. While it is common to think that your dog would stay clean on its own since their outdoor activity is limited, you will do more harm than benefit by doing so.

To keep your dog safe from the harsh dry winters, its best that you follow a proper hygiene routine, even stricter than one in other seasons. Here, we discuss 5 simple tips to keep your dog well groomed during winter.

1. Regular Brushing

Double coated and untrimmed dogs need to be brushed regularly to keep them from trapping dust and dirt in the hair that gets tangled over time. For this you need to get the right grooming brush that suits your dog’s hair type best. Brushing regularly keeps your dog’s skin nourished by distributing their naturally excreted oils.

Brushing your dog regularly also keeps you aware of any abnormalities that may develop on your dog’s body in the form of lumps or sores. Always check for such symptoms that may be a result of an infection or illness.

2. Moisturizing

Cracked paws and skin infections are a common occurrence among dogs in winters. To prevent the dry weather from getting to your dog, you can always get medication and take a few precautionary measures. After each outing, make sure to wipe their paws with a dry towel. If you often forget to do so, always keep a towel by the door, making it a routine to dry feet before you enter.

Moisturizing balms and creams also help in healing cracked pads that might get infected if not treated on time.

3. Trim nails regularly

Your dog’s nails are prone to wearing down on their own during summer time since they spend a lot of time playing outside, which is why you don’t get to trim their nails on a regular basis. However, winters are completely different, especially when it comes to nails.

Since playing outdoors becomes limited or minimal during winters, the wear and tear that happened naturally doesn’t take place anymore. This is why you’ll need to trim your dog’s nails more regularly. Once you start to hear the clicking sound as they walk on the floors, it’s time to trim the nails.

4. Don’t forget to bathe them

Like humans, dogs need to be bathed regularly as well, regardless of being covered with fur and hair. Dry winters can take their toll on your dog’s skin as well, however bathing them regularly with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners can definitely help keep their skin healthy.

Not only does this keep their fur healthy, but also makes brushing the hair relatively easier. Do not use human shampoos on dog skin as it do a great deal of damage, since it contains chemicals that are not to make contact with their skin.

5. Say no to haircuts

Winter haircuts are a big No. Your dog’s fur and hair is the insulating layer that protects them from the harshness of winters and sunburns of the scorching summer sun. Getting their hair trimmed during winters leaves them exposed and more prone to catch a cold, especially older dogs.

However, for some breeds with tangled hair and mats, its hard not to get their hair trimmed. Therefore, if you do happen to own a dog of a certain breed with mats, its imperative to get a trim since mats can’t be combed out without pain.


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