What Tech Do You Need To Make Your Kitty’s Life “Purrrfect?”

We all know that cats can be rather discerning guests in our houses. Not only can they be fussy about their food, but they often require extra pampering, especially compared to other pets. Cats, for some reason, always want to live like high rollers.

Fortunately, technology is finally catching up. Here’s some of the kit out there right now designed to make your life, and your cat’s, better.

The Cat Collar Camera

If you’ve ever wondered what your cat gets up to when it’s out of the house, you needn’t wonder any longer. A company called Eyenimal has developed what it claims is an effective cat collar camera which can be worn while the cat is out of the house. The small device comes fitted with a battery and a small camera which will record and store video for up to three hours. What’s more, the camera itself is extremely lightweight, weighing only nine grams, meaning that your cat won’t even notice they’re wearing it.

Better still, the cat collar camera can be used to spy on your neighbors. If your cat makes its way into their garden, you’ll be able to see exactly what they’re doing and whether they’re kicking your cat.

Cat Food Dispenser

Walking to the pantry, opening a packet of food and scraping it into the cat food bowl is a chore that most of us could do without. Recently, however, ReviewLoft.co.uk, showcased a piece of tech that might end this annoying chore forever. Called automatic cat feeders, these products dispense cat-sized portions on programmable timers. These dispensers are perfect if your kitty is looking a little chubby and you want to reduce their calorie intake temporarily.

Cat Locator

Cat owners live in constant fear that their pet cat has been run over by a car or drowned in a river. As a result, it’s nice to have some way of locating them if they do decide to go AWOL. That’s why a company called Tabcat has come up with a cat locator. It’s essentially a GPS tag that connects to the cat’s collar. The car wears the tag, and then the owner can locate the cat using the locator unit provided with the kit.

A color-coded lighting system on the locator tells owners whether they are pointing in the right direction of their cat. If you’ve trained your cat, there’s also a “recall” option which should hopefully ensure that they trot straight home.

Cat Drones

Drones are slowly taking over the world according to pcadvisor.co.uk. What were once just cute kids toys have now become a serious engine of economic growth. Top companies are looking for ways to use drones to make delivery services better.

One drone company has decided to use the new technology to make life easier for pet owners. They’ve made a drone that is programmed to dangle soft toys in front of cats. The drone comes with a fake mouse, feathers, and fish, allowing your cat to play as long as they like without you having to dangle the toys yourself.

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