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Car sick dog?  


Whether it’s visiting family or going on a holiday break, there are often times where you need to take the dog on a long car journey with you. Nikki Bayley, owner of a beautiful spaniel called Freddie, gives her advice on the best ways to travel with your dog in a car. 

Before you go
Take your dog for a run around before heading off on a car journey. This will work off that first burst of energy they have when they leave the house – and give them a chance to go to the toilet. Make them feel relaxed in the car by putting in their favourite blanket and sitting calmly with your dog for a while before heading off. 

Car preparation
There are a number of items you could consider buying before a long car trip with your dog. You can buy pet seat-belts which hook on to regular seat belts and help secure your dog if there’s an accident. Alternatively, if you have a car big enough for a dog-area, consider buying a pet barrier to safely contain the dog behind the back seats.

Car sickness
If you’re worried your pup might get sick during the journey, skip feeding them before you head off and make sure to pack some wet wipes. Look out for signs that your dog might be carsick, such as drooling, whining and then heaving. Make sure there are plenty of toilet, water and fresh air stops on the way and make sure you don’t overheat the car. 

On arrival

Once you’ve reached your destination, don’t worry about unpacking, the first port of call is to take your dog for a walk. Keep them on a leash until they’re settled with the new smells and sounds of their new home. Once they’ve run off the energy they’ve built up in the car, introduce them to where you’re staying, making sure it’s as familiar as possible with their own bed and toys. 

Top tip

Stressed dogs will enjoy a massage at the base of their head or beginning of their spine with a little lavender oil rubbed on your hands.

Nikki is the in-house ‘canine travel expert’ at Forest Holidays