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COMPETITION: Is Your Pet Britain’s Most Active?


National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) has teamed up with Pets Magazine to invite pet owners to share their snaps of happy and active pets. At the height of 2016’s summer of sports, people are being encouraged to celebrate the importance of pet wellbeing and the vital role that exercise plays.

Pet owners can enter the ‘Happy, Healthy Pets’ competition by visiting the www.pethealthinfo.org.uk website by Sunday September 4th. Entrants will be eligible to win a £125 gift voucher for pet goodies.

The campaign, which is also supported by PetFocus, is part of NOAH’s ‘Happy, Healthy Pets Project’.

NOAH, Pets Magazine and PetFocus hope to highlight the importance of keeping pets happy and healthy all year round and paying close attention to their seasonal healthcare needs.

NOAH Chief Executive, Dawn Howard, explained: “With 2016’s summer of sports in full swing, there’s never been a better time to think about the vital role exercise plays in your pet’s wellbeing and why keeping pets active helps keep them happy and healthy in body and mind. We hope that our latest competition will help drive the conversation further and that the UK’s active pets (and their owners!) will help inspire hundreds of others to join them.”

Pets Magazine Editor, Marie Carter, said: “Pets Magazine is delighted to support NOAH’s Active Pets campaign and endorse its fantastic competition to find shining examples of pets who live active and healthy lives.

“Sadly, over half of dogs and cats are now obese in the UK, and most do not get a decent walk a day with owners indulging them in too many treats. It’s so easy to literally kill pets with supposed kindness. If given the chance most dogs would rather feel fit and happy being dogs running or walking across a field with their noses trained firmly to the ground.

“NOAH’s competition is a great opportunity for people to think carefully about the quantity and quality of food they give to their pets and also how they can better build exercise into their pet’s day. As well as a walk, exercise could involve throwing a ball for your dog or active and fun play with a cat. As a magazine which focuses on pets as well as pet owners’ lifestyles and activities people can do with their pets, Pets Mag is really looking forward to seeing all the images of fit, active and happy pets.”

For more information or to submit photos to the gallery, simply visit www.pethealthinfo.org.uk/gallery.

Entries uploaded by Sunday September 4th will be eligible to win a £125 voucher for pet supplies and treats (terms and conditions apply). Entrants must ensure they click the pink competition tick-box to enter when uploading their photos.


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