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Emaciated Doberman Rescued at Christmas Spends First Festive Holiday in New Home

Dobby the Doberman was severely neglected and underweight

A severely neglected and underweight Doberman who was rescued by the RSPCA last December is now spending his first Christmas in his new home.

Dobby the Doberman came into the charity’s care on Friday 14 December 2018 in an incredibly poor condition. He was suffering from a wound to his head and sores on his body as well as being extremely emaciated and dehydrated.

He also had an ear infection and had compacted faeces on his paws and legs.

Dobby was cared for by staff at RSPCA Hull. He was so weak he was unable to stand up for several days after being brought into the charity’s care.

Inspector Jilly Dickinson, said: “Dobby was incredibly skinny. You could see all of his ribs and his waist was so tiny that I could fit my fingers around it.

“His head was so skinny that the point of his skull had protruded through his skin and caused a sore. He was covered in faeces and absolutely stank.”

The adult male Doberman weighed just 23.8kg and now weighs a healthy 30.7kg.

Jilly added: “Thankfully, throughout his time at the RSPCA, he put on almost 7kg and I’m pleased to hear he is now enjoying life in his new home with Lynda.”

The black and tan Doberman, thought to be about 11 years old, was rehomed to Lynda Allen in York in April 2019.

Dobby is a friendly dog who is full of character and despite his age, he is still very much a puppy at heart, Lynda explained.

She said: “It’s like he has always lived here. He settled in almost from the first day. I wasn’t even thinking about getting a dog but my friend said there was a Doberman looking for a home at the RSPCA and as I had adopted a Doberman before she thought I might be interested. She sent me the link to his profile and I saw that he was an 11-year-old and thought he probably only has a year, maybe 18 months left and I didn’t want him to spend that in kennels.

“He is an older dog but he acts just like a puppy. He really makes me laugh, he jumps up and down and he’s always so happy to see me. He’s so friendly and funny. It’s like Christmas Day every day living with Dobby – he’s just so excited when I come downstairs every morning.

“And I call him Gobby Dobby when he gets noisy!”

Last Christmas, Dobby was very poorly so this year Lynda plans on making sure he has the best day. With his favourite meerkat Santa toy, he will spend the day indulging in cuddles, treats and play.

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