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Four Ways to Care for Your Dog

Are you thinking of expanding your family or getting a new best friend? Bringing a puppy or older dog into your home can be a tricky time, but if done in the right way can bring you so much fun and joy. 

Puppies need a lot of time, training, and a dedicated owner. They need to be taught how to behave, how to be social with other dogs and you will also need to toilet train them. If you rehome a rescue dog they may also need time and training, they will need to readjust to their new surroundings and get used to new people looking after them. 

Let’s take a look at how you can make your pet happy and cared for so you get the same love and respect back from them.

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Groom Regularly 

It is vital that you groom your dog regularly, this is especially true if you own a long-haired dog. Regular grooming helps to keep their fur healthy and in great condition. You should also trim their claws as and when they need doing. If you don’t fancy doing the grooming yourself then contact your local reputable dog groomers and give your dog a well deserved pamper session. 

Exercise Often

Walking your dog has plenty of plus points. It prevents the dog from becoming bored at home, when a dog is bored there is more risk of them urinating around the house and chewing lots of your personal belongings. It is also great exercise for both you and your dog. 

There are factors that can affect how often you walk your dog. Breed size is one of them, small dogs will need less exercise than the larger breeds. It is also important to remember as a responsible dog owner to keep your dogs safe in the summer heat, the ground gets incredibly hot and the dog’s paws just can’t handle it. The best time to venture out for walks in summer is early in the morning and late at night.


Since April 2016 it has been the law to microchip your pet. You must also keep details up to date on the system. Microchips are necessary so that if your dog decides to escape or run off then they can be easily returned to you. They were also made legal due to the number of dog attacks happening. Microchipping is painless, your dog will not feel a thing. 


Neutering or spaying your pet can have many health benefits to your pooch. They are less likely to develop certain cancers such as breast, ovarian and testicular. Your dog’s behaviour can significantly improve as well after they have been neutered or spayed.  

It is best to wait to get your dog neutered or spayed, for small to medium sized dogs they should be at least one year of age, and for larger breeds, it is recommended they are at least two. 

We hope this helps you understand how to care for your new puppy or dog.