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Home Adaptions You Might Want to Consider When Getting a New Pet

Having a pet is probably more popular now than it has ever been. Whether being greeted by your dog when you get home from work or hearing your kid in fits of giggles at his hamsters’ new tricks, a pet is a great addition to any family

However, getting a new pet isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s a good idea to think about what pet would be best suited to your schedule and surroundings. Sometimes, you will need to make some adjustments to your home before your new family member comes to stay. Here are some home adaptions that you might want to consider when getting a new pet.

Adapt your home accesses

Cats, in particular, like to roam free from time to time. They are known to take off and disappear for hours and so it’s a good idea to have cat flaps fitted to your doors. This will allow your feline friend to get out and about whenever it wants to. Cats love exploring the garden and surrounding areas so this is a wise idea.

If you have a dog, it isn’t a good idea to leave it cooped up at home all day if you go out. Many people build an enclosed dog run in their garden which will allow dogs to get in and out as they please but ensures that they can’t run away.

Add a wow factor

Many people like to keep fish as pets. There are many beautiful species and so having a tank of fish can create a wonderful wow factor in your home. All fish have differing needs when it comes to their habitat and aquariums come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a good idea to contact a local specialist or do some online research so you can narrow things down. Aquarium Source is a great online resource packed with recommendations and advice. Some aquariums can be fitted into walls or even used as a bespoke room divider. Speak to a local builder and find out what your options are. An aquarium filled with brightly coloured fish will make a real talking point and can create an amazing piece of art in your home.  

Change your cleaning routine

Many animals need space to run around and many will eat whatever they can regardless of what it is. Once you get a pet its really important to make sure that no hazards are lying around and any food debris is cleared up immediately. If you have small children it’s a good idea to explain the dangers to them and decide as a family how your routine will be adapted to ensure that your pets stay safe. If a dog eats chocolate or a hamster swallows a small toy it could prove fatal so you have to be mindful of that. Keeping your pet safe is an ongoing thing and so having a routine from the outset is a good idea.