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Ladies Prefer To Spend Time With Pooches Over Partners

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As a pet-obsessed nation, we’re spending a lot more time and money on our pets than ever before, new research carried out by Gala Bingo has today revealed.

One in 10 of us says they prefer their pet to their partner and one in five says their pet pays them more attention, according to a new poll by Gala Bingo.

From food and treats to toys and vet bills, half of all pet owners (52%) spend over £400 per year on their pets, with five generous respondents even admitting to spending a whopping £10,000 on their furry friend!

In comparison to how much we spend on our partners, the research revealed that we’re thriftier, with half of us (51%) spending less than £300 a year.

In terms of the most ‘pet-generous’ cities of the UK, Liverpool comes out top with 18% spending over £1000 per year on their pet. The top five cities splashing over £1000 of cash on their pets are as follows:

  • Liverpool (18%)
  • Edinburgh (16%)
  • London (15%)
  • Dublin (14%)
  • Southampton (13%)

The research shows our pets are more pampered and glamorous than ever before, with many of us treating them like superstars.

Alison Digges, Brand Director at GalaBingo.com, said: “We’ve noticed many of our customers sharing lots of pampered pet photos online showing that they really are our pride and joy.

“To celebrate our new Emmerdale Bingo game, we are offering one lucky much-loved pet the chance to win a walk on part in Emmerdale. If you want to set your pet on the path to super stardom, this is a great place to start, along with our guide on how to make your favourite pet a superstar!” 

To enter the competition visit: www.galabingo.com/emmerdale


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