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Missing Dog Alert: Sapphire


BREED: German Shepherd x King Shepherd

SEX: Female


This alert is particularly poignant on National Puppy Day, and some of you might remember the excitement that surrounds having a new puppy in the house and especially those first walkies, trying to teach your new addition how to navigate new people, place and smells.

Twelve-week old Sapphire, a German Shepherd cross was no exception; she couldn’t wait to get her lead on and head out with owner Chloe on the 3rd March 2019.

Knowing that Sapphire could only manage to do short distances at her young age and needing to visit her Granddad’s market stall, Chloe headed up to Hanley Market in Bucknall, Staffordshire.

Sapphire was more than happy to enjoy some of the new sights and smells and thoroughly enjoyed the walk. After a short walk around the market, the weather began to change and Sapphire was clearly tired so Chloe carried her to the car, which was situated a couple of metres from the side of her Granddad’s stall and popped her in. She walked back to the stall to grab her drink and say goodbye and in those few minutes Sapphire had been taken.

Chloe says “For the past three weeks since Sapphire was stolen I haven’t eaten or slept properly. I am absolutely petrified to think where she might be and what might be happening to her. Nothing feels right anymore, our lives have been turned upside down and it’s completely broken me. I can’t imagine another day going by without Sapphire being back with us, where she belongs.”

“She is the sweetest, loving little girl who loves being fussed and I worry that whoever has her now, isn’t giving her the love and attention all puppies need.”

“It truly is a gut-wrenching feeling, not knowing where she is”

Chloe has tried everything she can to try and find Sapphire. She put up posters, turned to social media and the local newspapers to raise awareness. She’s also reported Sapphire’s theft to Staffordshire Police who now have her listed as stolen and Chloe has obtained a Crime Reference Number.

Appealing directly to anyone who has any information on Sapphire’s theft, Chloe says “Please if you or somebody you know has Sapphire please, please, please take her to the nearest police station and just say you’ve found her I won’t ask any question I just need my baby home. You don’t understand the heartache this is causing, not just only me but my whole family. Please bring Sapphire back where she belongs. There is a substantial cash finder’s fee for the safe return of Sapphire.”

Chloe also knows that Sapphire might have now been sold on to an unsuspecting family or person, who thought they were buying a new puppy from the true owner. She is appealing to anyone that has recently bought a dog that looks similar to Sapphire in the past 3 weeks, to take it to a vets and ask for it to be scanned as Sapphire is microchipped and would be easily identified from that.

“Sapphire would likely need veterinary treatment in the course of her life, even if it’s just for her annual vaccinations and would likely be scanned at that point. Her microchip is registered to me and has been marked as stolen.”

“I know that there might be a family out there that may have acquired our Sapphire, with all the best intentions and I know that I am asking a lot, given they might already be attached to her but I would ask them to walk a day in my shoes and how would they feel.”

“I can’t believe how much my life changed in a matter of minutes but someone out there knows where Sapphire is and they have the ability to put our lives back together. We need them to do the right thing”

If you have any information relating to Sapphire’s theft or you know where she is, please contact DogLost directly on 0844 800 3220. There’s a substantial finder’s fee available for Sapphire’s safe return to her family.



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