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New Charity To Tackle Loneliness With Pet Therapy

Image by winterseitler from Pixabay 

A NEW charity has launched this month in Croydon with the aim of reducing social isolation and loneliness for the over-55s.

CareDogs is a newly-registered charity which pairs people aged 55 and over with suitable canine companions. The goal is to tackle the growing problem of social isolation within society, while increasing the adoption rate of older dogs from rescue centres and shelters around the capital.

The South London-based charity was originally founded in late 2018 by Delphine Chui, and has since been developing its offer to communities in and around Croydon. This month marks the official launch of their service, and with it an invitation for potential adopters to register their interest via the charity’s website

Delphine, who now holds the position of Chair of Trustees, created CareDogs after becoming increasingly aware of the growing problem of loneliness within society, especially among the over 55s. Having owned a number of rescue dogs throughout her life, Delphine felt there was a role for them in tackling the issue. 

Delphine explains: “I’ve experienced first-hand the many ways a canine companion can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s our goal to bring those benefits to the people in society who need it most.

“CareDogs aims to contribute to a healthier and happier society by working to increase the number of older rescue dog adoptions, and by reducing loneliness and social isolation in older people through companionship and an all-important community support network.”

The volunteer-run charity works in partnership with other rescues to facilitate dog adoptions. CareDogs are now inviting people to either register themselves or someone they know who they think could benefit from the addition of a rescue dog into their life. 

For more information please visit the CareDogs website: www.caredogs.org.uk or email hello@caredogs.org.uk