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Pet Owners Would Rather Go On Holiday With Their Dog Than Partner…

Affectionate, full of life and loves a good cuddle – the perfect holiday companion. It’s no wonder so many of us are swapping their partners for pooches when heading away on short breaks.

New research from Best Western Great Britain has found that one in seven (14%) UK dog owners would rather go on holiday with their dog than their other half.

The study explored Brits’ holiday preferences and the lengths they would go to in order to make them happen.

The figure drops slightly among more established couples, however more than one in ten (12%) married Brits would still rather holiday with their hound.

They may be man’s best friend, but the survey revealed that it is women who are most likely to feel this way, with 15% saying that they’d prefer to go away with their dog, compared to just 12% of men.

The popularity of this opinion varies quite substantially across the country, with those in the North East the most likely to choose a dog-friendly getaway. Over a quarter (26%) of dog owners in this region would prefer a holiday with their pet than a trip away as a couple – more than five times the figure for Northern Ireland (5%).

The regions most likely to choose their dog over their partner for holidays are:

1) North East – 26%

2) Wales – 20%

3) West Midlands – 18%

4) Scotland – 17%

5) East Anglia – 16%

On average, UK dog owners would be prepared to pay an additional £15.96 on top of their hotel cost to be allowed to bring their pet with them on holiday. However, more than one in six (18%) would pay more than £20, while one in ten (10%) UK dog owners would pay over £30. Owners in Yorkshire and Humberside, perhaps going against the stereotype, would be the most willing to splash out to bring their dog on holiday, with nearly a third (29%) prepared to pay over £20.

With Brits clearly so keen to take their dogs away on holiday, Best Western Great Britain has launched its search for the best holiday pictures of dogs across the country! For your chance to win a night’s stay with Best Western Great Britain, submit your photos of your dog on holiday here: https://www.bestwestern.co.uk/nationaldogday

Rob Paterson, CEO at Best Western Great Britain, said: “Britain is a nation of dog lovers, so it’s not surprising to hear that so many are keen to bring their four-legged friends away with them.”