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Keep Your Pooch Safe During Firework Season

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The winter is fast approaching and soon enough we’ll be reluctantly swapping our sun hats for slipper socks.

But whilst we can wrap up warm and prepare ourselves for the cooler weather, how can we best look after our furry friends and ensure they are protected throughout the colder months?

From fireworks to ice, these top tips will help to keep your dog safe during the winter chill.

Portrait of a dog with knitted scarf tied around the neck walking in blizzard in the forest

Wrap up Warm

We may not realise it but there are certain dog breeds where even a layer of fur isn’t enough to keep them warm.

The breeds most likely to struggle in cooler conditions are short-coated dogs, such as chihuahuas and greyhounds. Ensure your short-coated friends wear a jumper or coat when you take to the outdoors.


Firework Safety


Most people love fireworks, but whilst they generate many “oohs” and “aahs” amongst the crowds, for our furry friends, firework season can be a scary time.

Follow these top tips to keep your pet safe during firework season:

  • Enjoy walkies during daylight hours to prevent your dog being out amongst the loud fireworks.
  • Make sure your dog is in a secure environment that they won’t be able to escape from should they begin to feel scared when the fireworks kick in.
  • Provide a quiet area for your dog before the firework season gets underway – perhaps one of the quietest rooms in your home. Leave toys in this area so your pooch learns to associate this environment with safety and happiness. This may well become the safe place your dog returns to when the fireworks begin.

Foot Care for your canine friend


The winter months are home to many things that look nice on Christmas cards, but can be harmful to our pooches.

The salt and grit found on salted pavements can cause irritation in dog’s footpads. Be sure to give your dog’s paws a good wash after they’ve been out for a walk to avoid irritation.

The colder weather is also home to ice. Ice balls can form between the pads and toes of the feet and can be really painful if left to build up. Avoid this by trimming the hair around your dog’s feet regularly throughout the winter months.

It is also important to keep a close eye on your pooch while you are out and about in the cold weather. If you spot your dog lifting up their paws, stopping more often while you are walking or whining it could be because their feet are too cold and they are struggling. Dog boots may be a solution to help your dog during wintertime.

Protect Your Pooch Today!

Whilst these top tips can’t stop the cold snap from coming, they will help to prepare and protect your beloved best friend and keep them safe this impending winter season.

This post was created by Time for Paws, the UK’s leading online pet supplies store.


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