Victory for Commonsense and for All Dog Owners

Commonsense has prevailed in a victory for dog owners. Dog owners backed by the Kennel Club successfully challenged a draconian Public Spaces Protection Order in Richmond, which could have seen dog owners criminalised if their dogs so much as urinated whilst out on a walk.

The landmark decision, which will help to protect dog owners up and down the country, comes after the use of PSPOs came into the spotlight this week when Ealing Council used a PSPO to ban protestors outside an abortion clinic.

The judgement, which was handed down on 12 April at the High Court in the case of Summers v London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames, in which Ms Summers was supported by the Kennel Club, saw two of the elements of the Public Space Protection Order that would have compromised dog owner access to public spaces quashed. It is the first example of a Public Spaces Protection Order being successfully challenged in the High Court.

The parts of the order which were successfully challenged and which were quashed included that a person could be found guilty of an offence if their dog ‘causes an annoyance to another person or animal’ or ‘causes damage to any Council structure, equipment, tree, turf or other Council property’, which could include damage to grass from urination.

The order setting a limit on the number of dogs that can be walked by one person at any one time to a maximum of four dogs, was upheld. There will however be 18 licences available for borough-based businesses who wish to walk up to six dogs.

Public Spaces Protection Orders were introduced in 2013, giving local authorities the power to issue blanket bans on certain activities from designated areas with minimal consultation, which has led to dog walking bans and severe restrictions in hundreds of parks and open spaces since their inception.

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We believe that this is the first time that a Public Spaces Protection Order has been successfully challenged in a court of law and it is a major victory that will help to protect responsible dog owners up and down the country.

“The proposals in Richmond, if successful, would have given the council the right to prosecute dog owners whose dogs urinated on their walk, as this could be interpreted as ‘damage to council property or turf’, or if a non-dog lover reported feeling annoyed by the presence of a dog in a public space, even if that dog had behaved impeccably.

“It is another example of over-zealous councils using their powers to unfairly penalise dog owners and to freeze them out of public spaces, so this victory not only protects dog walkers in Richmond but sets a precedent to protect dogs across the UK. We hope it sends a strong message to other councils to use their powers sensibly to tackle irresponsible dog ownership, rather than trying to stop responsible owners from enjoying their right to freely exercise their dogs.”

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Arty Lobster Launches Ultimate Keepsake for Bereaved Pet Owners

Pet owners can now take a bespoke memento of their pet with them wherever they go. Arty Lobster, the 3D sculpture specialist, has launched a range of sterling silver jewellery to complement its 3D sculptures of pets.

There is a £50.00 discount available to customers ordering both a 14cm 3D sculpture in sandstone together with the piece of jewellery.

The innovative company says it has responded to demand from customers who want a special memento of their pet, particularly if the pet has died.

Lars B Andersen, CEO and Founder, said: “We’ve had some amazing early feedback on these unique keepsakes. They are particularly in demand from people who have lost a pet and want to remember them by having a beautiful piece of jewellery.”

The company, set up four years ago, is going from strength to strength, and is to move into offices three times the size of its current London headquarters in July.

Arty Lobster takes 3D tech to the limits by creating items that are truly bespoke and unique. Highly skilled artists create the 3D pet sculptures from customers’ photos of their pet, which are then 3D printed in-house before being delivered to the customer. There are three options, including sandstone, porcelain and bronze.

Lars added: “Pet memorials represent a significant part of our customer base. As our pets are becoming members of our family, people increasingly want a memento of them to cherish forever.”

To find out more, visit:

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2018 Set to Be ‘Biggest Year for Pet Travel – Marcel Le Corgi Offers His ‘Ruff’ Guide

Say ‘Bonjour’ to Marcel Le Corgi – the five year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has more than 70k followers on Instagram, making him the most popular corgi in the UK.

To say Marcel loves to travel is an understatement, as he has visited more countries than most Brits have, with 11 countries on his belt.

Marcel is not the only doggy exploring the world, traveling with your pooch has become more popular than ever. New research by Eurotunnel revealed that over two thirds (67%) of UK dog owners plan to go away with their dogs this year with nearly one million pet owners planning to get a pet passport for their dog.

Taking your pup on holiday can also have numerous health benefits with the vast majority (82%) of UK pet owners saying they feel more relaxed when spending time with their dog. In fact, the research also reveals just how much we miss our animal companions when they are not around. Almost one in five (18%) FaceTime their dogs when they are on holiday without them, with a further 13% admitting that they have a dog cam set up at home so they can interact with their dog when they are away.

Along with being extremely adorable Marcel Le Corgi is also bilingual, barking in both French and English and loves to spend his time split between the UK and France.

To mark the start of National Pet Month (April) we follow Marcel on a road trip through France, stopping off at his favorite hotspots along the way.

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‘Mr Loophole’ Applies For Dual Nationality for His Pooch

When it comes to the ongoing intricacies of current EU negotiations, celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman is conducting his own “Grrrrexit” talks – with French veterinary officials.

For come the hour when freedom of movement between the UK and the remaining 26 member states is shelved, “Mr Loophole” doesn’t want anything to jeopardise the travel arrangements for his “right-hound” man, George the Stafford Bull Terrier.

Whilst the breed is quintessentially British and George holds a British pet passport, the five-year-old has his own French connection being born in Toulon, an hour away from Mr Freeman’s French home.

Nick said: “George already holds a UK pet passport, but as he’s a French national I’m not taking any chances when the country goes walkies!

“Myself and George drive to the south of France several times a year, and before being able to return to the UK, George needs to produce his passport both at the local vet’s and at the Channel Tunnel.

“We’ve all read about ‘remainers’ with connections to the Irish Republic seeking dual nationality, well I’m doing the same for George. Whilst I have my one British passport, George now has his two ‘passpaws’!”

Nick also runs the “Save the Staffy” website found at

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Is Your Pooch Happy?

Dogs have the power to bring so much joy into your life. They’re the most loyal of companions, they don’t judge, they love probably harder than we do, but most of all, they rely on us for absolutely everything. Puppies in particular are going to demand so much from you. So how can you tell if your pooch is really happy? We’ve got some sure fire ways to make sure they’re always on cloud nine.

Health Unhappiness

This is one of the quickest ways a dog’s happiness can instantly plummet. If you know your dog well, you’ll be able to tell that whatever is wrong with them is getting them down. Suddenly they have no energy, and you can literally see it in their face that they’re depressed. Simple little things can be done to make sure you’re always protecting them however. For example, are you worming and using a flea treatment on your dog?

Worms are one of the most irritating things for them, and harder to spot than fleas. All you need to do is make sure you’re using something like a cheap flea, tick treatments, heart & intestinal worming for dogs & cats from PetBucket. Plus, it’ll protect any feline friend if you have them! All you need to do is use the treatment every few months and they’re protected against multiple things. You also need to make sure you’re keeping them healthy in terms of walks. So many owners take them for a quick five minute walk and that’s it. It isn’t giving them chance to have fun, experience the outside world, and keep their cardiovascular system and joints healthy. A nice 30 minute walk in the morning, and perhaps a 15 minute one at night should be fine for medium dogs, bigger dogs can have a bit longer.


People are wrong to assume that dogs don’t get lonely, and that dogs don’t have separation anxiety. A lot of dogs even tear the house apart because they’re so distressed when you’re away. You really shouldn’t be leaving your dog alone for more than 8 hours a day, but a lot of owners do. When you are there, try and spend as much time with them as possible, don’t just retreat upstairs and leave them even longer. Give them plenty of cuddles, treats, and play for a while. It’ll also help to tire them out for a better nights sleep. If you know you are out for work for around 8 hours a day, there are dog walking services that you should think about using. They collect your dog, take them on a walk with a few other dogs for an hour or so, and make sure they’re settled again in your home. It is a great way to break up the day for them, and they’ll often spend the rest of the afternoon napping.

So, keeping your pooch happy isn’t hard, but you should always make it your number one aim!


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Police Dog Finn to be awarded animals’ George Cross

PD Finn with PC Dave Wardell and PDSA Director General Jan McLoughlin

A courageous police dog, who sustained near-fatal stab wounds when apprehending an armed suspect while on duty, is to receive the PDSA Gold Medal – known as the animals’ George Cross – for his bravery and devotion.

Police Dog Finn, who is now retired from service with Hertfordshire Constabulary, almost died from the stab wounds he sustained. His actions protected the life of his handler, PC Dave Wardell, who was also injured in the incident.

The formal presentation of Finn’s PDSA Gold Medal will take place on Sunday 6 May, at the charity’s PetLife ’18 festival at Cheltenham Racecourse: the first ever public presentation of such an award.

Finn’s story has captured the hearts of the nation and inspired a campaign to change the law around the protection for service animals.

Finn’s Story

On 5 October 2016, Police Dog Finn and handler Police Constable Dave Wardell from for the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit were called to an address in Stevenage. The dog unit was instructed to give chase to a suspect who was evading arrest and who was believed to be armed with a baton or stick.

During the pursuit, PC Wardell released PD Finn with a command to detain the suspect. The suspect attempted to jump over a fence but Finn kept pace and was able to take hold of his leg, foiling his escape.

PC Wardell explains: “I joined Finn, grabbing his collar and straddling his back to give him support as he held the suspect. In a split second, I saw the man lunge at Finn’s side with a weapon. As he pulled away, I saw a 10-inch blade, covered in Finn’s blood.

“The man then lunged at me with the blade but Finn, despite being seriously hurt, grabbed hold of the suspect and stopped him from landing a fatal blow. My hand was cut in the struggle and Finn’s head was sliced open.

“Despite suffering two serious stab wounds, Finn’s grip on the suspect remained – pulling at the suspect’s leg to stop him from jumping the fence.”

Finn’s constant grip enabled PC Wardell to wrestle the assailant to the ground, where he eventually dropped the weapon. Other officers joined the team to assist and Finn was rushed to the nearest vet for life-saving treatment.

PC Wardell continues: “Finn’s determination, even after he’d been seriously hurt, was absolutely faultless. He definitely saved my life that night and stopped an armed criminal from posing a threat to other officers or the public.

“I am bursting with pride that Finn is receiving this award – he is a true gem and embodies everything that is special about police dogs in this country. He is my best friend and I owe him my life.”

PC Wardell also needed medical treatment for a stab wound he sustained to his hand.

Following the attack, Finn made a miraculous recovery and was back on active duty just 11 weeks later.

PDSA’s Director General, Jan McLoughlin, said: “Finn displayed outstanding devotion that night, both to his duties and to his handler. For his actions, Finn is an extremely worthy recipient of the PDSA Gold Medal.”

Chief Constable Charlie Hall, who, alongside the Police and Crime Commissioner nominated PD Finn for the award, said: “Our Police Dog teams perform outstanding work and are a great source of pride for the Force. Finn’s story highlights the vital role that these animals play in our society and the dangers that our officers face on a daily basis. I am thrilled that Finn’s actions are being recognised.”

The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit is one of the teams which make up the Joint Protective Services (JPS) Command for the three Counties. ACC Paul Fullwood who leads JPS said: “This award highlights the brilliant work our police dogs deliver across Beds, Cambs and Herts and UK police forces. The extreme danger faced by Finn and his efforts to protect PC Dave Wardell is just amazing and the award is so well-deserved. I am so pleased and proud that Finn has been recognised by such a prestigious award”.

Finn’s Law

Finn’s remarkable story inspired a campaign called #Finnslaw. This seeks to lobby Government to change the laws that surround service animals, to provide greater protection and prosecution powers.

David Lloyd, the PCC for Hertfordshire, said: “Finn’s horrific injuries and the bravery he showed that night lit a fire in the hearts of the British public. Attacking a police animal should not be treated in the same way as damaging a police car. The public clearly think the same, and the fact PD Finn’s actions have prompted this response shows how much the public care about our animals important contribution to policing.

“Finn’s award is a fitting recognition for his heroic actions that night. I very much look forward to seeing Finn formally presented with his PDSA Gold Medal, later in the year.”

Jan from PDSA continued: “Finn’s story captured the hearts of the nation. We received scores of enquiries from the public, asking for Finn to be recognised by PDSA’s prestigious Animal Awards Programme. So I’m thrilled that members of the public can see Finn receive his medal, at PDSA’s   PetLife ‘18 festival in Cheltenham on 6 May.”

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Pets Mag Makes Top 10 of UK Pet Blogs

We’re delighted to be awarded 10th position in a comprehensive list of the Top 20 UK Pet Blogs, by Feedspot,

The awards were judged by an expert panel, who looked at each blog’s Google reputation, their influence and popularity on social media, as well as the quality and consistency of the posts found on the blog.

It is such an honour to be on a list with so many fantastic blogs, including The Pet Gazette, and The Telegraph (Pets.)

Huge thanks to Anuj and the team at Feedspot!

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Jack the Border Terrier is Nation’s Top Dog Hero

Friends for Life winner Vanessa Holbrow and Sir Jack Spratticus with Geri Horner. Credit

Beloved rescue Border Terrier ‘Sir Jack Spratticus’ has been announced as the winner of the dog hero competition, Friends for Life, at Crufts 2018.

Owned by Vanessa Holbrow, from Burnham on Sea, Somerset, Jack, had been to four homes before being rescued at the age of 13 months by Vanessa, and he is credited with changing her life, helping her to live with complex mental health issues, by giving her confidence, companionship and stability.

Jack, who was selected from the Breed Rescue category, was one of just five dogs to make it to the final of the Friends for Life competition at Crufts, which celebrates the close bond between man and dog and celebrates heart-warming stories of friendship in adversity. The winner was chosen by public vote and was announced in the Genting Arena at Crufts by Geri Horner nee Halliwell.

Together they raise awareness and breakdown stigma attached to mental health issues. Jack has given Vanessa the motivation and confidence to speak on local radio and write articles for Rethink, and together they have raised thousands of pounds for mental health charities. Jack was accepted by the organisation Canine Generated Independence in August 2017 and is now nearing the end of his training to be an official assistance dog to Vanessa.

Vanessa and Jack were presented their award and a cheque for £5,000 from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust for charity Border Terrier Welfare, the charity that rescued Jack. The four other finalists also received £1,000 for their chosen dog charity for getting through to the prestigious final.

Speaking about their win, Vanessa: “I am in absolute disbelief and am so proud of Jack. He had such a bad start in life and it took me a year to train him, but this just shows what love and patience can do. He is training to be an official assistance dog, he helps to raise awareness of mental health issues and he is my family. I don’t know what I would do without him.”

Geri Horner, said: “Before Vanessa, people had given up on Jack, but Vanessa never did, and Jack never gave up on Vanessa, which makes this such a beautiful partnership. This competition epitomises what Crufts is about – we care for dogs, and they care for us as well.”

Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “Huge congratulations to Vanessa and Jack for their incredible win – their story is so moving and inspiring, it really shows how dogs can transform the lives of their owners.

“We have had some amazing finalists for this year’s Friends for Life competition, and they all should be extremely proud to have got through to the final five. Each finalist has helped to change and improve the quality of their owner’s life, showing unwavering loyalty and they are a great example of the incredible difference that dogs can make to people’s lives.”

The five dogs which made the 2018 final were selected by a panel of judges from the Kennel Club, where they were chosen for the lifetime of love and loyalty they give to their owners and for the way that they have irrevocably changed their lives.

We will be featuring an inspirational story by Vanessa on how Jack has changed her life in two parts – May and June editions.

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Why ‘No Pets’ Rule in Rental Sector Is Wrong

Roughly 54 million people in the UK are pet-owners (statista). We are also experiencing an increase in the number of people renting over buying, due to the cost of house prices and flexibility.

So, when landlords state ‘no pets allowed’ on listings, this not only causes problems for people looking to find a new home to rent but also significantly reduces the scope of people who the advert appeals to.  Therefore it should be addressed why having pets in rented accommodation is not only beneficial for the tenants, but it’s actually a good thing for the landlord too!

NatWest’s Landlords and Tenants Survey revealed some very telling results about what pet-lovers we are as a nation. Out of the 1000 tenants across the country surveyed, one-fifth stated a pet-friendly property was the most important attribute, trumping cleanliness and affordability. Interestingly, 81% of this fifth were female! This proves just how essential pets are to our lives.  

The Benefits To You

We know the joys that our pet brings us. However, there are numerous health benefits that we don’t even think about when playing with our cat or dog. Our stress and anxiety levels decrease when we have a pet, this has a positive knock-on effect on the reduction of risk for more serious issues like high blood pressure and heart disease. Taking our dog for a walk seems ordinary, but we don’t consider how this daily walk reduces obesity and cardiovascular disease and increases sociability for us and our dog.

The benefits extend to children as having a cat or dog is might actually be a preventative method for them to develop allergies and boost their immunity.  It also gives them an introduction into responsibility and taking care of something other than themselves.

We are building a better understanding of the importance of mental health, and it has been found having a pet has a positive effect on our mental health and can help combat loneliness. This has been recognised widely and dogs are welcomed into nursing homes to lift the moods of those feeling lonely, the charity Pets As Therapy.

The Benefits to the Landlord

After discussing some of the benefits your pet brings you, address why it will be a good thing for the landlord too. Firstly, having a dog, for example, adds additional security, preventing burglaries. Discuss how pet-owners don’t want to cause disruption in their pets lives with constant moving around, hence will stay in the property for a longer period of time. This means they won’t have to keep finding new tenants year on year.

Understanding their point of view is crucial, so try and address their concerns. These are things you would do without a second thought, but conveying this to your landlord will help them see how responsible you are. Cleaning up your pet’s messes, grooming them, repairing any damages they cause and training your pet properly so they are approachable and sociable are all tangible ways of depicting your cat or dog won’t be a problem.

Some Simple Solutions

If your landlord is still having some doubts, think of some ways to put their mind at ease. Offering a slightly higher deposit than a tenant without pets will depict your willingness to take responsibility for any damage your pet could cause. You could arrange for your landlord to meet your pet so they feel comfortable with them and remove some of the mystery as to who your pet is and what they’re like. The landlord might have a misconception as to what damage pets can cause and the level of noise they make, so if they meet your pet, it can relax them. To show you are a responsible tenant, uphold a level of cleanliness you’re both happy with. If you have dogs, give them plenty of exercise so they don’t become restless, and treat the rented property with respect.

Finally, if your landlord has agreed to allow you to have pets, don’t break their trust and keep any more than you both agreed upon. This will damage your relationship and could cause some legal issues. Ultimately, you want a positive relationship with your landlord, so think about ways you will both be happy, so you and your furry friend should be able to stay for the long haul.

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COMPETITION: Win a year’s supply of Zoflora’s Pet-friendly Disinfectant, Fresh Home

One lucky Pets magazine reader is in with a chance of winning a year’s supply of pet friendly disinfectant worth around £60.00 in total, from the UK’s most popular liquid disinfectant brand, Zoflora, helping you to keep your home fragrantly fresh and clean.

Containing patented malodour technology, Zoflora Fresh Home has been tested against pet-specific odours and eliminates nasty whiffs with ease – even that unpleasant wet dog smell! The refreshing Mountain Air fragrance has been specifically tested to be kind to your pets’ noses, whilst leaving a beautiful long-lasting scent in every room, creating an inviting atmosphere for your family and guests.

Like all Zoflora products, Fresh Home also kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including Bordetella Bronchiseptica (a cause of kennel cough in dogs), Campylobacter Jejuni (diarrhoea in dogs and humans) and MRSA (antibiotic-resistant infections in dogs, and other pets).

Keep up-to-date with Zoflora and follow them on: Twitter: @loveZoflora, Facebook: and Instagram: lovezoflora.

For more information on Zoflora visit


To enter our competition, please visit the following web page and answer the simple question:

The closing date for entries is Friday 2nd March 2018 at 4.00pm. Ts&Cs apply.


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