2014 Pets Mag publication dates


Please find below a list of  the forthcoming publication dates for Pets magazine. 

Please note that these are approximate dates and may be subject to change.

Spring 2014 – March 15, 2014  

Summer 2014 – June 15, 2014  

Autumn 2014 –  September 15, 2014  

Winter 2014 –  December 22nd, 2014

We currently have available a range of sponsorship packages. Please email the editor for more information.

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Big Brother could really be watching…

I felt the chill wind of cyber stalking yesterday, but not in the conventional sense. This magazine has now gained a new follower on Twitter and if it hadn’t been for events I experienced several years ago, my new follower would not have merited a second thought…

Let me start at the beginning. In the early 2000s, I was a young and somewhat naive trainee journalist working a rural patch in East Yorkshire. My job involved lots of reporting of village fetes, council meetings, parochial talent competitions and the like; so, as you can imagine, I was always on the look out for some local drama. One day, driving around the meandering country lanes, I chanced upon a particularly arresting demonstration. Placards displaying horrible scenes of animal experimentation festooned the hawthorn bushes and grassy verges. I could not resist stopping to get some insight into what they were protesting about. Undeterred by the presence of a police car, I discovered they were against a local research lab they claimed was using animals in its clinical trials. I personally do have an intrinsic abhorrence to testing on animals however I am not, and have never been, a political activist for the anti-vivisection movement. I have stood twice for local councils as a tory and still consider myself to be fairly right of centre at heart. Anyway, getting back to the story: As we were a fairly sedate family owned local rag, my editor did not want to do anything on it, but encouraged me to keep coming up with ideas. 

Weeks went by and I got on with job covering occasionally dramatic council meetings and never eventful village fetes. That was until my mother, who lived up in Durham, phoned me to say that she and my dad had been visited by two plain clothes police officers who had quizzed them about my political allegiances and whether I was an animal rights activist or not. Startled, my mother recounted that she said she thought not, as the only political activism I’d been involved in to date was as a conservative party researcher. The officers had ‘visited’ on two occasions; the second time for ‘supplementary questions’. They had also peered at DVDs on the coffee table; clearly suspecting they might be related to the anti-vivisectionist cause rather than the reality: much more sedate Merchant Ivory productions. My mum had explained, remarkably calmly, that I was a reporter in East Yorkshire, so that was probably why I had been at the demonstration. 

Chilled by these revelations, I realised that the police in attendance at the demo had taken note of my car registration and even though it was by then registered to my East Yorks address, had chosen to alert the police in County Durham to make further investigations. Big Brother was really watching me and I still, to this day, suspect that a file is lurking on me at MI5. I used to tell people this unnerving story and even wrote a small editorial in the local rag about police snooping citing this rather sinister event. 

Bringing the story forward to the present day, I had the temerity yesterday to RT the acclaimed actor Peter Egan @PeterEgan6 who had tweeted that he thought the biggest concern of our time is animal welfare. It is, I agree, a huge concern and one that I feel does not gain sufficient attention in the media. From the horrific trade in rhino horns to the growing cult of owning a monkey pet in the UK, sparked by celebs of low itelligence but high popularity such as Justin Bieber acquiring Marmosets as pets. Well, I thought, well said Mr Egan. Trouble was Twitter has now alerted me to the fact that I am now being followed by an Argentina based medical institute, which specialises in clinical trials and is sponsored by all the big pharmaceutical companies. 

Given my previous experience, I cannot help feeling a bit unnerved…

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Keep your dogs safe and healthy this Christmas!

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Pets mag winter 2013 now available online!


Welcome to the second edition of Pets magazine, the new online lifestyle magazine for pet owners.

In this issue, win a watercolour portrait of your pet by renowned pet artist Sarah Spofforth McQuat. If your photography skills need a little improvement, our guest pet photographer Sue Lax, owner of Star Paws, reveals the tricks of her trade, illustrated by her own amazing work.

There’s much, much more inside!

If you would like to contribute to future issues, please email the editor at [email protected].

Best wishes,

Marie Carter
Editor, Pets magazine

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Pets mag now optimised for Ipad, Kindle and tablet pcs!

We’re delighted to announce that Pets mag is now available to view on iPads and tablet pcs and can also be saved to, and read on, Kindle devices. The magazine can also be read on iPads using the Kindle app. 

After downloading the Kindle app to your iPad or tablet, simply click on the publication, and select ‘read in Kindle’ at the top left hand corner of the magazine. We hope you enjoy the latest edition of Pets magazine. 🙂

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Next issue: Pets magazine

We’re busily working on our next issue at Pets Mag Towers, which will now be our final issue this year.

Thank you everyone for contributions, best wishes, and for the overwhelmingly positive response we have had to our first issue, published in August.

As our next issue is now due out during the festive season, it will have a Christmassy feel to it.

Sophie, my Cavalier, is certainly looking forward to crimbo!

What are you planning to get your dog or cat, and do they really appreciate that snowflake jumper you think is soooo cute?

Answers to usual email address or Tweets please 🙂


Editor, Pets Mag.

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Is your pet thinking what you’re thinking?

Does your dog or cat know when you’re coming home or when your spouse is about to arrive home? Is this in the absence of the usual clues like tyres crunching gravel on a driveway or the noise of a key turning in a lock? Is your dog irritable or anxious hours before thunder and lightening strikes? Well, according to a new book, your dog or cat might just be psychic. 

In his new book ‘The Science of Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry’ eminent scientist Dr Rupert Sheldrake argues that animals are in touch with their psychic selves much more than we as humans are. In fact, he states that most animals, including our domesticated pets, are psychic whereas we have lost most of our ‘higher thinking’ abilities because we have chosen to ignore them; at least that’s the case for those of us who live in the Western world.

In the East, the psychic abilities of pets are taken very seriously to the point that in earth-quake prone areas of China, the authorities actually encourage people to report unusual animal behaviour. As a result of such ‘premonitions’, the Chinese have issued warnings that have enabled cities to be evacuated hours before earthquakes hit, saving thousands of lives. 

In a book that seeks to shatter our view of the world, animal telepathy is one of Dr Sheldrake’s key areas of debate. In particular, he argues that animals can anticipate what we are about to do, our moods and behaviours, and react accordingly. He also states that precognition or the ability to anticipate future events including disaster scenarios, is innate to most animals. I am yet to be convinced of the latter but have always believed that my dogs’ possess a Sixth Sense; an ability that we humans have mostly long forgotten or consigned to the hocus pocus category of thought. 

Dr Sheldrake has himself examined over 5000 cases of psychic phenomena in animals including 177 cases of dogs apparently sensing the death or suffering of their absent masters, mainly by howling, whining or whimpering, and 62 cases of cats showing similar signs of distress. 

There is much to be gained from this area of research, including the potential to use animals more frequently in disaster forecasting as well as all the other benefits we will gain from learning to listen to, understand and even communicate with our pets more.

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Calling time on fat cats and podgy pooches

When you’re sitting on the sofa this evening, glance across at the cat or dog curled up beside you and be honest – is he / she a little bit too chubby around the middle, snoozing too much during the day or wheezing when they walk? Do you give in too frequently to that look that cannily seems to say “please feed me, look how cute I am”? Yes, maybe? Well, you’re not alone – and I can also count myself as being guilty of sometimes falling for that look – as this week’s survey by the PDSA reveals that more than one in three dogs and cats are obese, representing a rise of 14 per cent in four years.

The shocking findings into the state of our pets’ waistlines suggest that we are literally loving our pets to death by treating them to sugary snacks and extra titbits. Around half of the owners surveyed thought treats made their pets happy and only two per cent felt guilty when giving their dog or cat a high-calorie snack. We think we would be depriving them if we didn’t give them extra but the fact is that we are tragically helping to send them to an early grave. 

As an over-indulgent dog owner myself, I know that I sometimes give into my dogs winsome stare to “feed me now!” if she wants a chew or one of her choc drops and I have been known to sometimes give her too many treats. However, the cases cited by the PDSA in their study of 11,000 pet owners shows up some really sad cases of dogs, who were found in the survey to be the most over-indulged, with more than six million being fed junk food including takeaways as part of their daily diet. Inevitably, porky pooches and fat felines are the result of such ‘treat time’ with all the health problems including heart disease and diabetes that can result.

Take Bailey the Border Collie, who was regularly fed biscuits and became 60 per cent overweight, and Deco the Golden Labrador, the canine ‘vacuum cleaner’ who ballooned to 8st 6lbs.

Sean Wensley, a senior vet at the PDSA, commented: “With so many pets being fed inappropriate diets, the effect on their health is devastating. Many owners may think that their favourite treats are harmless to pets. This is not the case. Pets need diets that are suitable for their species, age and body-size.”

However, there is hope for the health of the nation’s pets as increasing numbers of pet owners are giving their pets “lifestyle MOTs” and putting them on diets. Lucky the Labrador lost 2 stone 2lbs after going on a ‘weight loss journey’ alongside owner Alyson King while Tigger the cat lost an equally impressive 4lbs and Badger the black and white cat lost 2lbs. You don’t have to deprive them of all treats but try to swap the sugar-loaded cakes and biscuits for dog-friendly low-fat milk biscuits for instance, which is what I am trying to do! So, next time your gaze shifts to the podgy pooch or flabby feline lying next to you on the sofa, you can take this as an excuse to finally kick-start that diet and fitness plan…. perhaps this time together? 

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Why new ‘craze’ chills me to the core!

Now, don’t get wrong, I love my dog and want her with me as long as possible but I do, of course, realise that it’s impossible for her to live a ‘normal’ human lifespan. I know that one day I will be saying a very teary farewell to my best friend. It seems however that a growing number of people just can’t say that final goodbye and are resorting to the only means possible to be with their beloved pets for ever by having them freeze-dried…Yep, that’s right, frozen after death and kept as a very real memento mori.  

This growing trend, which started in the US and is sweeping (apparently) across the world, has seen increasing numbers of the super-devoted or simply plain wacko, paying up to £2500 to have their dog, cat or any other beloved domestic companion animal frozen after death at minus nine degrees using ‘space age’ technology. They are then made to look as if they are ‘just sleeping’ or can be fashioned into ‘life-like’ poses, depending on the owners’ wishes. 

The results as featured on sites such as www.perpetualpet.net look eerily life-like and a definite improvement on those pets subjected to taxidermy. I can thoroughly understand the need to keep the adored pet around, but I do think that this new ‘craze’ is a step too far. What next, freeze-drying relatives and having them posed in life-like positions around the house? Perhaps have Uncle Ted pipe in hand reclining in his favourite armchair? Yes, I agree, what a horrible, sick idea! 

But why is it so different with pets whom we once treated as integral members of the family? What about their dignity in death?

A dog or cat is not purely defined by what they look like and I would argue that they are much more purely ‘them’ based on their unique characters and quirks of personality. When what defines them in life has gone, I firmly believe that what you’re left with is a mere shell that resembles the deceased pet but brings none of the joy and pleasure that having a real dog or cat with his / her own unique personality brings. 

In fact, I would have thought that having this constant remember of a beloved deceased pet would, to the vast majority of people, be intensely upsetting. To have a cold shell where once warm blood coursed and a heart beat beneath the fur, where once a tongue could lick a face, where once a paw would twitch in a dream and eyes would ask for food or a walk, would be horible. I, for one, would be in pieces to have that sort of constant reminder. Wouldn’t you?

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Why we’re lucky as dog owners to live in the UK

I recently read an article in a Canadian magazine that celebrated the UK as a land where dogs are really made to feel welcome. The writer described how canines in this ‘happy and welcoming country’ are allowed in pubs, on public transport, off leash in parks; freedoms we as dog owners take for granted in the UK. In the US and Canada, ‘dog parks’ are a fixture, as canines are forbidden to go off-leash in all public places and are not allowed on public transport or in bars or coffee shops. 

The other day, a fellow dog walker Tweeted about how dogs are allowed into Beamish Museum (the grounds, not buildings) and I couldn’t help but respond that this was my dog’s favourite day out. Not only can she enjoy a lovely countryside walk with a difference (time travel to the early 1900s!) but she has also become something of a regular in the museum’s pub, The Sun Inn, where she enjoys nibbles of pork pie and crisps! 

The writer in the Canadian magazine also marveled about dogs in pubs in general and the joy of being able to take our pets on public transport. I have travelled on the East Coast mainline with my dog and she just loves watching the world whoosh by. It’s a freedom that I truly hope we can keep.

I also love the fact that if I need a newspaper or a pint of milk, my local shop allows ‘small’ dogs. My pooch has also become a regular there and gets bits of chew or a little sweet every time she comes in with me. She also likes to say ‘hello’ to everyone she meets, whether that’s at the local shop or at the nearby post office.

While I love our freedoms in this country, I think we could be even more welcoming of our canine friends. France is an even better country for Canadians to emulate for dog friendliness, in my opinion. I have seen small, very well-behaved dogs sitting next to their owners in restaurants waiting for tasty scraps. And wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to walk round Tescos with your dog?! Now, I am in cloud Cuckoo land…!

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