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Ten Ways To Make Your Cat Feel Extra Special

Introducing a cat to your life can be one of the most wonderful decisions you’ll ever make. They’re wonderful pets that will shower you with love and affection if you take good care of them. They’re smart creatures that love to play, and they’re extremely cute and cuddly at times as well.

If you’re thinking of bringing a cat home from a nearby shelter or store, then you should get to know the many different ways in which you can make your cat feel extra special. They’re loving creatures that respond positively to all kinds of affection, so here are some of the best ways to show your cat that you love them.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/w2DsS-ZAP4U (CC0)

Give your cat a massage

Cats absolutely love it when you give them a massage. While there are certainly some felines that prefer you not to touch them, it can take some time before your cat warms up to you and allows you to give them a massage. Your fingers should be light and slow when massaging your cat. You should get used to touching your cat and you should be confident around them. Just make sure you don’t rush things and try to run your hands all over them. They need to feel comfortable around you first!

Make something nice for your cat to play with

Instead of buying a toy, why not make something for them yourself? There are many DIY toys to make for your cat and you’ll be surprised at how chuffed your cat will be to see you working on something playful that you give to them. They’re smart creatures and they’ll know that you personally worked on something because it’ll carry your scent instead of being foreign when you first show it to them.

Shower your cat with attention

One of the best ways to show your cat you love them is to shower them with attention. Give them plenty of rubs, pet them lovingly, and play with them on a regular basis. Cats can be fairly demanding at times, so make sure you have plenty of time to play with them. While they are certainly very independent creatures, they can get rather clingy to their owners once you start petting them and showing them affection.

Cook something nice for your cat

As long as you watch out for your cat’s food intolerances, it’s never a bad idea to cook something nice for them. If you’re tired of just giving them wet and dry food, then there are a number of delicious things that you can cook for them which are both healthy and delicious. You can consider them as treats–something nice to give to your cat as a reward now and then!

Train your cat and give them nice rewards

Training might sound like a lot of work for both you and your cat, but there are actually a number of excellent advantages that you can expect from training your cat. For example, training offers social and environmental benefits to your cat. It can create a stronger bond between you and your cat, and it’s a great excuse to give them treats once they respond positively to your commands. While many people believe that you can’t really train a cat like you can for a dog, there are actually loads of documented techniques to help you train a cat and enrich the bond that you have. In addition, training can help reduce the boredom your cat faces while also keeping them out of trouble and preventing them from developing bad habits such as scratching your furniture or bullying other pets in your household.

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/4BfnsOmM8z0 (CC0)

Try and understand your cat’s meows and body language

It’s a shame that we can’t communicate with our cats using the same language, but there are still many signs that you should look out for. These little traits are unique to your cat, so it’s something that you need to look out for and understand by spending more time with them. For example, the way your cat’s ears and eyes move can determine if they’re feeling playful, angry, or just curious. The pitch of their meow might also sound familiar depending on the situation. If you can discern what your cat is trying to communicate, then it can strengthen your relationship.

If you’re getting a new pet, introduce your cat properly

Getting a new pet can actually cause a bit of anxiety in cats that are used to being the centre of attention. As such, you should always take some time to introduce your cat to your new pet. Regardless if it’s a rabbit, a dog, or even another cat, you should try and do this as early as possible so your pets have plenty of time to get used to each other. The younger they are when they meet, the more friendly they’ll be in the future.

Don’t hesitate to give them some catnip

Catnip is something that can often be debated among owners. Some people believe that it’s completely harmless, while others think that catnip is akin to drugs for humans. The reality is that catnip’s effects depend on the genetics of your cat, hence why cats can react differently to different kinds of catnip. In general, a toy with catnip on it can be a great way to treat your feline friend, but there are some safety measures you should take to ensure that you don’t encourage the wrong behaviour. For example, don’t give too much catnip because it can make your cat nauseous. In some cases, your cat might not even react positively to the catnip, and aggressive cats should not be given catnip because it can turn them into bullies.

Play with your cat more often

Some research has shown that playing with your cat for an hour helps to increase their lifespan by four hours. This is because playing with them not only helps to train their body with exercise, but it also improves their mental health. When you play with your cat, it reduces the chances that they experience anxiety, making them healthy in both a mental and physical sense. In addition, cats can often get bored because they don’t really have much to do, so playing with them can make them happier and create a stronger bond. If there are other cats or animals, then encouraging them to play together can be a great way to help improve your cat’s health.

Give your cat something to release its stress

Much like people, cats can often get stressed. This is usually caused by new people or new faces, and some cats might react negatively to loud noises or other animals outside your home. Cat stress can be surprisingly common, but there are a number of ways to help manage it. For example, you can get your cat a large scratching post or tower to help them relieve some of their frustration, or you can consider using supplements together with a special diet to help relieve their stress. If your cat is showing signs of stress and your attempts to help are failing, then it might help to speak to your veterinarian for assistance.

Having a cat around the house can offer many benefits to us humans, but it’s also important to take good care of our feline companions too. It’s a two-way relationship, so as long as you show plenty of love and attention to your cat, you’ll receive the same affection from them.