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We Meet: Kratu, the Wonderful Rescue Dog!

We meet Tess Eagle Swan and Kratu, the rescue dog who represented Woodgreen, the Animals Charity, in the Rescue Dog agility which went viral at Crufts this year.

Kratu rescue dog

What breed is Kratu and why did you choose him? 

Kratu is Carpathian cross Mioritic Romanian Shepherd. I wanted to offer a home to a large breed rescue puppy as I already have a wolfdog and a smaller breed wouldn’t be suitable. A younger male was the best possible choice to get on with her, and for me to socialise and train.

Kratu and Tess

How long have you had Kratu?

He was rescued at around 5 weeks old from terrible circumstances, he went into private foster care, and arrived with me at 4 months old.

How did Kratu end up doing agility at Crufts? 

Kratu was invited by Wood Green animal charity to be an honorary member (because we have done a lot of training with them) of their rescue dog agility display team.  He has attended Crufts 3 years running. His performance last year went viral after he decided to do a U turn in the tunnel. His performance went round the world with millions of views. This year he returned and upped his performance with more tunnel moves. The views are still going up daily.. people love him all around the world for being a happy, carefree, funny joyful dog. It’s heartwarming to be in touch with people from so many other countries and all sharing the same thing, love for Kratu. 

What difference does Kratu make to your life?

Kratu makes a huge difference to my life, being recently diagnosed as Autistic, he has become my assistance dog. He helps me with specific tasks. Having his support and him by my side gives me a lot more confidence and the ability to do more. Things I would have never dreamed of doing without him. He  brought sunshine back into my life.

kratu the rescue dog at Crufts

Does Kratu have any special tricks or character traits?

He does a lot of different tricks. With Kratu I am never sure exactly what he will do as he is an independent thinker, loves to perform, and especially loves an audience, then he likes to put his take on it! He likes to do play bows and holds that position for a long time! I’m sure he is smiling while he does it.. looks like he is.. sheer happiness!

Is animal welfare important to you?

We support a group called Apdawg that meet in Westminster to promote animal welfare. https://apdawg.co.uk/   Animal welfare is of the greatest importance to me. There are many changes that need to be made to present laws.   Kratu is also an ambassadog for an International charity called Iapwa  https://iapwa.org/  Education is really important to promote awareness.  Kratus story  helps raise awareness for what rescuing and love can achieve.