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Introducing wearable tech for dogs…

Almost everyone has heard of, or used, a personal activity monitor, whether it’s a Fitbit, Jawbone Up or Nike FuelBand, and so-called ‘wearable tech’ looks set to become a ‘big thing’ in 2014. Geek toys, like Google Glass, are about to hit the mainstream.

The burgeoning pet product market quite naturally wants a slice of this juicy cake, so in comes whistle.com’s pooch activity monitor. An ingenious little device that clips to your dog’s collar, and is used to monitor how much time your pet spends sleeping, resting and playing. This is all possible by means of an app that can also compare your pet’s activity levels with those of other dogs of the same breed.

Where it really comes into its own is its ability to monitor time when you’re not with your dog. You can add other users such as your dog walker, a family member or friend. This is a fantastic innovation for anyone who works full-time and has to leave their dog with other people or has a dog walker visit. It will provide not just peace of mind in knowing that the pet is exercised when you aren’t around, but will also make you feel ‘closer’ to him by checking in to monitor his ‘progress’.

I’ll look forward to test-driving this nifty, and most welcome, little gadget in a future issue of Pets magazine. 

For more information, go to www.whistle.com. 

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