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What Foods Should You Avoid Feeding Your Cat? 


By Jack Titmuss of Time for Paws
Some common foods consumed by humans can cause health problems if fed to cats. In some cases, seemingly innocent foods may even be highly toxic to cats and could result in their death. If you own a cat, it’s therefore vital that you know which foods to keep away from your kitty. Here are some top examples:


It’s common knowledge that chocolate and dogs don’t mix, and the same is true for cats. Most cats don’t have a sweet tooth anyway, but to be cautious you should never give your cat a chocolate treat. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine that is poisonous to cats. At best, it may cause vomiting and diarrhoea, but in the worst-case scenario your cat can suffer a fatal heart attack or seizure.


Feeding your cat onions might not be something that would ever occur to you, but be careful not to leave any dishes lying around in the kitchen with onions mixed into them, such as meaty stews. Your cat may jump up onto the work surface when you’re not looking and have a nibble at your leftovers, inadvertently ingesting some onion. Raw and cooked onions, and even onion powder, can be toxic for cats as it wipes out their red blood cells.

Dairy Products

You might think that giving your cat a saucer of milk makes for a nourishing treat, but you are likely doing more harm than good. Cats don’t have the ability to digest the lactose that is present in milk and other dairy products, which can result in tummy problems and diarrhoea. Never substitute milk for water, as this may lead a cat to suffer from dehydration. The only drink that a cat needs is water.


It may come as a surprise to many cat owners to discover that giving your feline friend raw, canned or even cooked fish may be detrimental to their health. This is because fish can deplete thiamine, a type of vitamin B, in a cat. If this deficiency isn’t addressed, your cat may suffer from health issues that can result in their death. Don’t panic if your cat has eaten small amounts of fish in the past, however. It’s only usually a concern if fish is fed to a cat in high doses. Canned cat food with fish in it is safe as it’s supplemented with thiamine.

Dog Food

You run out of tins of cat food, so you think that giving your cat some of the dog’s food instead will do the trick? Think again. Cat food is designed specifically to give a cat the necessary amount of nutrients it needs. Dog food doesn’t meet a cat’s requirements for nutrients, so if you feed your cat dog food, it will be missing out on key ingredients to keep it healthy. In particular, dog food lacks the protein, fat and the amino acid taurine that cats require to stay in tip-top condition.
Fat Trimmings

It might seem harmless enough to feed your cat fat trimmings off a joint of meat, but it won’t do your cat’s digestive tract any favours. As well as causing sickness and diarrhoea, it can also lead to an inflamed pancreas. Avoid giving your cat the bones from meat joints, too. Bones may cause dental problems or even choking.

Grapes and Raisins

For humans, grapes and raisins make a tasty, nutritious snack. For cats, they can be toxic and may result in kidney failure. The reason for this is unknown, but make sure you avoid feeding even small amounts to your cat.

So there you have it, a list of foods to avoid feeding to your cat. Take a look at what you’re feeding your pet and make sure you’re not giving them anything that they shouldn’t be eating in the future to keep them happy and healthy.