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18-year-old Cat Finds Retirement Home With Kent Couple

A blind, senior cat who has reached the grand old age of 126-YEARS-OLD in human years has finally found a home to spend her retirement.

At 18-years-old and completely blind, black cat Isabella spent months in RSPCA care patiently waiting for her forever home.

The Golden Oldie had become a firm favourite at the RSPCA Thanet branch where she spent her days in reception meeting and greeting visitors and welcoming new animals to the centre.

Unknown to Isabella herself, her search for a home had given her national (and even international) exposure, as the plight of this senior cat touched many hearts.

Now Isabella has finally found her retirement home with retired couple Brenda and Terry Faulkner Wood.

The couple from Sittingbourne adopted Isabella in July after falling in love with the older puss.

Brenda, 67, said: “Our cat Kitty who we’d had for 14 years, was 16 years old when she got a lump on her throat. She wasn’t able to swallow very well so we had to have her put to sleep. It just wasn’t right here without a cat so I searched on the RSPCA website and saw Isabella. I thought she would be ideal and we wanted to have another older cat. We have room in our home and our hearts for an older lady.”

The couple also have an older dog and a senior horse so they really are proving that age is just a number.

Brenda added: “My husband has dementia and he loves having Isabella sit on his lap. She is a great companion to both of us and she fits in well with the rest of us older lot!”

Lady Isabella, as she is known in their household, has settled in well and is getting braver all the time.

Brenda added: “She’s absolutely fine. As time goes on she gets a bit braver. Even without her sight, she knows the bedroom really well so she mostly sticks to that room but she will come out to the hallway on her own. We also bring her out in the living room in the evenings and she sits with us.

“When the weather is nice we take her out into the garden for some fresh air. The first time we did it we couldn’t believe it, she can really move when she wants to. She gave us a fright! She hadn’t gone far but much further than I had expected her to.”

The couple also adopted a young six month old kitten called Merlin shortly after bringing Isabella home with them. Brenda explained that the pair get along very well but Isabella is the boss and puts young Merlin in his place if he gets too playful.

“Isabella always knows when Merlin is there even before he gets near her basket.” Brenda explained. “She’s listening and sniffing. It seems like all her other senses are much better to make up for her sight.”

Isabella came into RSPCA care in April as her owner sadly passed away and although a family member took her in, unfortunately their circumstances changed unexpectedly which meant they were unable to keep Isabella anymore, so they asked the RSPCA for help.

With Isabella being blind and having high blood pressure, the branch were keen to find the perfect home for her where she could spend her retirement days.

On average it takes a cat aged seven years or older 38 days to rehome. This is compared to just 13 days for a kitten under six months old.

Emily Mayer, deputy manager at the RSPCA Thanet branch said: “We are so pleased that Isabella has a nice home to spend her twilight years. She’s such a special cat and everyone who met her fell in love with her. Despite being a Golden Oldie, she has plenty of personality. Brenda and Terry call her Lady Isabella, which says it all!

“We would always encourage people to consider adopting a senior cat, they may be older but they still have so much love to give.”

To rehome any of the cats in RSPCA care visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet

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