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A ‘3D Pet Urn’ That Looks Exactly Like Your Pet!

Tweed the terrier’s life-like memorial

Bespoke urns that look exactly like the deceased pet they memorialise are launching in the UK today, thanks to 3D technology.

Created by 3D printing specialists Arty Lobster (https://artylobster.com) the pet urns recreate the beloved companion animal from photos supplied by the pet owner. Together with a special Urn Pack (gloves, plug, sticker, funnel and cup), the 20-centimeter 3D sculpted urns can be used to commemorate deceased pets.

Lars B Andersen, CEO and Founder of Arty Lobster, said: “Pet memorials represent a significant part of our customer base. As our pets are becoming members of our family, people increasingly want a memento of them to cherish forever.”

Highly skilled artists create the 3D pet sculptures from customers’ photos of their pet, which are then 3D printed in-house before being delivered to the customer. There are options that include sandstone, bronze and silver.

Lars added: “Until this week, we did not have an effective way of turning these bespoke mementos of pets into urns that can be used practically to store ashes for years to come. That’s where this solution comes in, and we’re delighted to be able to launch it this week.”

Amanda Oakley, who recently had a 3D sculpture of her beloved dog Tweed created, said: “We sent Arty Lobster a selection of photographs of Tweed all running around and Arty Lobster said they would sculpture him in a sitting position, I was sceptical at first wondering how they would manage to produce a likeness.  I was blown away when it arrived it is exactly like him!”

“Arty Lobster can now include your pet’s ashes with the sculptures which will be so comforting to owners who have lost their pet as they really are an exact replica and will mean so much to have them with you at all times. We can’t recommend them highly enough! It’s also a great present to give someone special in your life as no one else will have a sculpture of their pet.”

The 3D 20cm pet sculptures can be ordered with the optional Urn Pack costing £30.00. Potential customers can ask for a free preview of their pet sculpture, created by the firm’s 3D artists. To find out more, visit: https://artylobster.com.