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Arthritic Dogs To Benefit From Home Therapy

Hannah Capon treats a client

Hannah Capon treats a client

Dogs suffering from the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis are set to benefit from a new home service, founded and run by an experienced veterinary surgeon.

After 14 years in small animal practice, Sussex-based vet and registered myotherapist Hannah Capon feels earlier identification and intervention is needed for dogs coping with the pain of osteoarthritis – so is launching Canine Arthritis Management (CAM).

“During a very bad week in practice I put two dogs to sleep in quick succession who had both gone off their back legs. They were mentally there but their bodies had given up. I suddenly realised that osteoarthritis needed to be approached much more thoroughly and at a much earlier stage in a dog’s life,” said Miss Capon.

CAM offers a home-visiting service throughout Sussex, allowing arthritic dogs to be assessed in the calm and comfort of their own surroundings. Combining diet, exercise and house management recommendations with owner awareness and Galen Myotherapy – a specialised massage technique that assesses and improves muscle health and function, CAM offers tailored solutions to help control pain and slow the progression of what can be a very debilitating disease for dogs.

“In a veterinary consultation, it can be very difficult to get all the information across to an owner whose dog has just been diagnosed with arthritis. CAM is a unique service that fills the gap. It aims to go into a dog’s home and make adjustments that will be good for that individual long-term.”

The aim of CAM is to improve a dog’s posture and movement, support their ability to exercise and give owners the tools they need to make life easier for an arthritic companion.

CAM works alongside an owner’s vet, tailoring treatment to the individual and ensuring manual techniques, practical lifestyle changes and conventional medicine can unite to achieve optimal pain control.

“Arthritis is a household name, its massively prevalent in humans and there are huge support services for people dealing with the chronic pain associated with the condition. Dogs with arthritis suffer the same pain – it’s time we had a service for them too. CAM is that service – a tailored, multimodal approach to help successfully manage these patients.”

For more information, call 07929 673355 Address: 68, Middle Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. BN43 6GA Email: info@caninearthritis.co.uk.


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