Award-Winning Photo Captures the Plight of Abandoned Dogs

Abandoned Lurcher dog staring at ground
Abandoned lurcher looking at ground

Jessica McGovern, a UK photographer, has won the prestigious Overall International Photographer of the Year 2024 award at the Societies of Photographers 20×16 Print Competition. She also clinched the Open Category with her powerful photo of an “abandoned” dog in the rain.

The photo, titled “Abandoned”, shows a Lurcher left to fend for itself in the wet weather. The judges were moved to tears by the image, which not only displays Jessica McGovern’s skill but also highlights the alarming rise of pet neglect and abandonment in the UK.

Jessica McGovern said: “I’m thrilled to win this award, but more importantly, I hope it raises awareness of the sad reality that many dogs face in the UK. With ‘Abandoned’, I wanted to show the silent pain and resilience of these animals. I feel honoured that my message has been recognised on such a big stage, and I hope it encourages people to think about giving these dogs a second chance when they look for a new furry friend.”

The Societies of Photographers Convention is an annual event that celebrates the best of photography from around the world. The images are judged by a panel of experts based on strict criteria. “Abandoned” scored over 90 points, which is considered “Outstanding”, and beat all the other category winners to become the ultimate winner.

Colin Jones, The Societies of Photographers’ CEO, said: “We have seen some amazing images this year and the quality has been superb. The Photographer of the Year Awards showcase the finest images that have entered the competition and have competed with some of the world’s top photographers.”

Jessica McGovern, who is only 29 years old, is an inspiration to photographers everywhere, showing how images can touch emotions and speak for those who can’t. Her passion for raising awareness and inspiring change on the issue of pet neglect and abandonment shows the true potential of photography as a force for good.

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