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Blind Dog Seeks Special Home

Eight-year-old Jack Russell terrier Chipper lost one eye and is blind in the other

A very special blind Jack Russell terrier is looking for a special home with new owners who can help guide him through life.

Eight-year-old Chipper was rescued by RSPCA inspectors from Birmingham in February after a member of the public raised concerns about his welfare.

He had very sore eyes and vets recommended removal of one. Staff at RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Birmingham removed the right eye. Chipper was moved to the charity’s Gonsal Farm Animal Centre, in Shropshire, after he’d recovered from his operation and is now looking for a loving new home.

Neil Richardson, Gonsal Farm kennel supervisor, said: “Unfortunately Chipper didn’t receive the veterinary attention he needed for his poorly eyes quick enough so he’s been left blind in his remaining eye. 

“However, he’s adapted well and we’re now looking for a lovely new home with owners who can help to guide him through life.

“Chipper is a happy little chappy. His blindness doesn’t stop him finding his way around – especially if it means getting some fuss and attention!”

RSPCA staff would like to find him a foster home to take him on initially with a view to adoption once he settles in.

Chipper would like to be the only pet in his new home and could live with older children. He’d really benefit from an owner who has experience with blind dogs and can give him the time he needs to find his way around and support him as he settles in. 

Neil added: “To help Chipper we’d ask his new owners to keep things – such as furniture – in the same place so he can get his bearings and create a mental map of the layout of the home. 

“This will really help him build his confidence at finding his way around independently and will avoid any unwanted injuries or accidental bumps!”

Chipper is happy being left home alone for short periods but really loves having company so would like a new owner who is around the house a lot of the time. 

“Chipper is such a loving boy,” Neil added. “He really does deserve a nice, quiet home where he’ll get lots of love and cuddles!”

To find out more about Chipper visit his online profile or contact Gonsal Farm on 0300 123 0753.

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