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Can YOU Give Patsy His Forever Home?

Patsy, age 8, has been homeless for 3 years and his carers would love him to have a warm, loving home as soon as possible.

Handsome Patsy is quite shy and takes a little while to show his true personality, which he will do when he has a forever family.

Patsy is tall, black and absolutely stunning, however, since he retired he has been going a bit grey round the face.  He is, of course, a greyhound and is sad that, so far he has been overlooked.  Ideally his new family should be experienced in looking after one of this fantastic breed.

Contrary to public belief, greyhounds only need two 20 minute walks a day and like nothing better than cuddles on the sofa with their humans.

At the moment, staff at Greyhound Trust, Dunton do not know if Patsy is other dog or cat friendly, as he has spent his whole life just with his own breed.

Can you help Patsy get a new home?  Then do get in touch with the Trust on 07852 734 958 to go and meet Patsy and arrange a home check.


Email: dunton@greyhoundtrust.org.uk



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