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Does Size Matter When You Pick A Pet?

If you’re considering bringing a new pet into the family, chances are you’ve had a few conversations about your choices. Allergies, time, and lifespan are just some of the things you may have thought about. Not all pets are furry, and not all pets live at home with you. Some spend months asleep in winter, while others will be very lively and energetic.

Most of us prefer to have a pet that is similar to one we had as children. Of course, if you’re ready for a change, or hoping to fulfill a life ambition, you might choose to take on something completely different. But the one thing you really should consider is the size of the pet you take on. If you’re buying a juvenile, be prepared for a big grow! And before you say you want something cat-size, consider just how big some breeds, like the Maine Coon, can actually become!

Really Small

Gerbils, mice, spiders, and ants have all found their way into our hearts. They tend to live quite happily in their small enclosure or cage and are ideal for small apartments or even bedrooms. They eat relatively little, and their enclosures require a tidy up and clean every few days. Some might say they are low-maintenance pets, but every living thing needs the right care and attention.

Medium House Pets

Cats and small breeds of dog have become the most popular household pets. The fact they’re cuddly and furry really helps too! However, they can also be quite expensive pets to look after. Aside from any special dietary requirements, this kind of pet requires regular veterinary care and vaccinations. Dogs and cats can also cause allergies for people living in the house. If this should happen, consider how you will manage the situation or if you can give up your pet.

Large Pets

Large dog breeds, pet pigs, and domestic farmyard animals are becoming more popular as pets. They require extra or special accommodation as well as extra attention to security in their running space. Pets this size can also be quite dangerous around small children. There is a wider range of illnesses and diseases that you will need to protect your animal from too.

Biggest Pets

The largest pets you might own could be ponies and horses. These animals often live at a local stable if you don’t have a family equestrian property. They need an all-weather turnout rug to ensure they are warm and dry when roaming the paddock. Horses also need a lot of opportunities to run around. If you don’t have enough time to ride, why not let the stable manage riding for you? There is often a fee. Veterinary bills are extremely high for our largest pets. Food bills aren’t cheap either. Of course, the reward for having any loving pet is much more valuable.
If you’re hoping to acquire a new pet, don’t be put off by size. Do carefully consider the affordability of the pet you choose and make sure their home is roomy enough to grow into. Love your pet.


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