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Dog Owners Left Baffled By Green Labrador Puppy


A dog owner got the shock of her life when her chocolate Labrador gave birth to a GREEN puppy.

Two-year-old mother Milly had four male puppies and one girl during her first litter on January 26.

But gender wasn’t the only difference that marked the female puppy from her brothers because she emerged not golden like the others – but green.

The green tinge is down to over exposure to a substance called biliverdin, which can be found in the placenta.

It’s a rare condition and owner Elaine Cooper believes their pup – could be just the third case in the world.

Elaine and husband Mark have now nicknamed the pup Fifi after the famous green ogre Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Elaine, of Chorley, Lancs., said: “She came out in the sack so we thought that it was the placenta that made her look very dark. We thought she was a black Labrador.

“But when Milly started to lick the placenta off she actually had a green tinge.  We were laughing and saying no, this can’t be green.

“All the others are golden and this one’s green. It’s to do with the placenta, so it’s a phenomenon, it’s just very rare in dogs.

“We were a bit shocked, then laughed and thought, ‘Oh my, is it ok’.”

Elaine, 56, and 46-year-old Mark are planning to sell the puppies once they’re old enough.

She added: “The colour’s faded now and she’s doing well even though she was the smallest of the litter, she’s so sweet.”

Elaine, who owns a motorhome business, has researched the condition online and has found just two other cases of Labradors born green – on in Spain and the other Clayton-le-Moors, Lancs., in 2012.

While it stains, Fifi’s green tinge is only temporary and she will soon resemble her boisterous brothers.


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