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Giving a Rescue Dog the Best Second Chance Possible


Rescue dogs are special. They have often been through difficult circumstances in their lives, and because of this, they really need some extra care and attention on both the emotional and physical sides. In fact, it’s only right to give them the best second chance possible. Read on to find out how to do this.

Choose carefully

To give your rescue pup the best second chance, it’s vital that you think long and hard before you choose which one you will rehome.

This is because you need to consider many different factors such as how much time you can spend at home with your dog. After all, it may not be fair on a pup that has a bad time of it if you are at work all day, especially if they are nervous and have possible attachment issues.

It’s also important to consider things such as the size of the dog you are looking to get. Ask yourself questions like will there be enough room for them? Can you afford all the food that they will need, and will you be able to handle them when you take them on walks outside the house? All of this is vital because you want to make the right decision the first time. Otherwise, the rescue dog will have to go back to the kennels and start the whole process again. Something that can be very difficult and upsetting for them.

Look after their health

While rehoming shelters and kennels often do a lot for their canine residents in term of physical health and wellbeing, some rescue dogs may have ongoing health conditions that you will need to continue to treat.

To do this, you will need to get as much information from the kennel and the vets on their health as possible and make provision for any issues they do have.

This may be something simple like switching them to a grain free food like some of the ones listed at https://www.stopthatdog.com/best-canned-dog-food/ if they have an allergy. However, it could be something much more complicated like paying for them to have an operation or long-term treatment for a chronic condition.

Give them time

Next, when you bring any puppy or dog home, you will need to give them some time and patience to get used to their new family and environment. With rescue dogs, this need is amplified, often because they have been through a lot of change and can even have been mistreated by their former owners. That means you can’t expect them to be like a normal family dog straight off the cuff.

A quiet space with a good dog bed is vital for a rescue pup.

Instead, give them plenty of love and treats, but be patient and ensure they have a quiet, protected space like the examples at https://www.rover.com/blog/ that they can retreat to away from the noise and bustle of the family. Yes, It may take some time, but with good treatment and a loving attitude, they should begin to learn that you are not a threat in the way their past owners were and they can be more relaxed in their new home than they have ever been before.


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