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Happy 30th Birthday to Bobi, the World’s Oldest Dog!

RECORD-BREAKING Bobi is officially the oldest dog that has ever lived at 30 years and 270 days, as of today!

Bobi’s amazing longevity has been officially validated by Guinness World Records™, which named Bobi, a Rafeiro do Alentejo from Portugal, as the oldest living canine.

Bobi was born in the village of Conqueiros, district of Leiria Portugal on 11 May 1992 on a family run farm, the same family he lives with to this day. Leonel Costa, Bobi’s owner has grown up with him since he was 8 years old.  In 1992 Bobi was registered with Serviço Medico-Veterinário do Município de Leiria (Veterinary Medical Service of the Municipality of Leiria), who have confirmed Bobi’s birth date.

Bobi’s age has also been verified by SIAC, a pet database authorised by the Portuguese government and managed by the SNMV (Sindicato Nacional dos Médicos Veterinários; National Union of Veterinarians).

Bobi is a very calm and sociable dog, who loves to be petted and plays a lot with the four cats he lives with. He gets along with other dogs he meets too, having lived with many animals throughout his life. His family believe the secret to his longevity is the fact that he has always lived in the countryside in a calm, peaceful environment, surrounded by nature. His favourite thing to do is walking around the farmland and the pine trees.

He sleeps well at night and enjoys a good rest after meals, as well as relaxing by the fireplace on particularly cold days. Bobi loves to eat and mostly has the same food as his owners, but with care taken to soak it in water to remove the seasoning first. He also drinks plenty of water.

He had just one health scare in 2018 but pulled through, and nowadays lives a normal life, despite some difficulties with his eyesight and walking that come with age.

Leonel describes Bobi as “one of a kind.” He still has hope that one day Bobi could father some puppies of his own, as he is the last of a long generation of animals.

Looking at Bobi reminds Leonel of his childhood, playing together and even the walks to school of years gone by. The beloved pet also makes him think of family members who have sadly passed away including his father, who Bobi used to live with too.

Bobi’s owner, Leonel said “Bobi has been a warrior for all these years, only he knows how he’s been holding on, it must not be easy because the average dog’s life span is not that high and if he spoke only he could explain this success.

We are very happy and grateful to life for allowing us, after 30 years, to have Bobi in our daily lives.”

Seeing Bobi’s long life recognised by becoming a Guinness World Records title holder, “is an immense joy”, Leonel says.

The previous record holder for the oldest dog living was Spike who achieved the record at 23 years and 7 days, as verified in Camden, Ohio on 7 December 2022.

The previous record holder for the oldest dog ever was Bluey, an Australian cattle dog who lived to 29 years 5 months before being put to sleep in November 1939.

Photo caption: Credit Guinness World Records™