How to Road Trip with Your Dog!

Dog in camper van with human

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There’s something special about being a dog owner. Our four-legged friends provide comfort and companionship, as well as an excuse to get out of the house twice a day. And there are lots of us, with around 12 million dogs living in UK households.

But if you want to go on holiday, what do you do? Do you hire a dog sitter, ask a family member to step in, or choose a reputable kennel?

There are holidays you can take where you can bring your dog along, however. Imagine sharing your trip with your pet. You can if you travel with your dog in a motorhome!

This is a great way to combine the joys of a road trip with the companionship of your pet. However, it’s important that you’re prepared before you head out on your travels.  Here are some tips to help you plan and prepare your getaway. 

Road tripping

Whether it’s the stunning landscapes, hidden gems, or quirky roadside attractions, there’s so much to love about a road trip holiday. And what better companion to share these moments with than your faithful canine friend?

What to consider before setting off

Before hitting the road, make sure you have everything your dog needs for a safe and comfortable trip. Here are some of the essentials: 

  • First aid kit: Include items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers (for ticks), and any medications your dog might need.
  • Vaccination and medical records: Keep copies of your dog’s vaccination records handy, especially if you plan to visit parks or campgrounds.
  • Practical items: Bring their favourite bed, toys, lead, collar with ID tags, and grooming supplies.
  • Restraints for safety: Decide where your dog will sit during the journey and how they will be restrained. Options include a crate, seat belt harness, or pet barrier.

It’s also important to avoid feeding your dog at least an hour before hitting the road in order to prevent motion sickness. If your dog isn’t used to long drives, start with shorter trips to get them used to the motorhome.

Additionally, make sure you have what you need to keep yourself comfortable and safe. As well as clothes, food and drink, and repair tools like jump leads and jack should you need them in an emergency, consider documentation. Have things like your motorhome insurance documents handy and any campsite booking details you have. Ensuring you’re organised will make it easier to keep your pet calm if things don’t go to plan. 

During the trip

During the road trip, keep these tips in mind to ensure your dog stays happy and healthy:

  • Regular stops: Plan to make stops every two hours to let your dog stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and get some exercise.
  • Food and water: Always have food and water available for your dog during stops.
  • Space: Set aside an area in the motorhome specifically for your dog. This could be a cosy corner with their bed and favourite toys, providing them with a sense of security and comfort on the journey.
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