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Is Your Pooch Happy?

Dogs have the power to bring so much joy into your life. They’re the most loyal of companions, they don’t judge, they love probably harder than we do, but most of all, they rely on us for absolutely everything. Puppies in particular are going to demand so much from you. So how can you tell if your pooch is really happy? We’ve got some sure fire ways to make sure they’re always on cloud nine.

Health Unhappiness

This is one of the quickest ways a dog’s happiness can instantly plummet. If you know your dog well, you’ll be able to tell that whatever is wrong with them is getting them down. Suddenly they have no energy, and you can literally see it in their face that they’re depressed. Simple little things can be done to make sure you’re always protecting them however. For example, are you worming and using a flea treatment on your dog?

Worms are one of the most irritating things for them, and harder to spot than fleas. All you need to do is make sure you’re using something like a cheap flea, tick treatments, heart & intestinal worming for dogs & cats from PetBucket. Plus, it’ll protect any feline friend if you have them! All you need to do is use the treatment every few months and they’re protected against multiple things. You also need to make sure you’re keeping them healthy in terms of walks. So many owners take them for a quick five minute walk and that’s it. It isn’t giving them chance to have fun, experience the outside world, and keep their cardiovascular system and joints healthy. A nice 30 minute walk in the morning, and perhaps a 15 minute one at night should be fine for medium dogs, bigger dogs can have a bit longer.


People are wrong to assume that dogs don’t get lonely, and that dogs don’t have separation anxiety. A lot of dogs even tear the house apart because they’re so distressed when you’re away. You really shouldn’t be leaving your dog alone for more than 8 hours a day, but a lot of owners do. When you are there, try and spend as much time with them as possible, don’t just retreat upstairs and leave them even longer. Give them plenty of cuddles, treats, and play for a while. It’ll also help to tire them out for a better nights sleep. If you know you are out for work for around 8 hours a day, there are dog walking services that you should think about using. They collect your dog, take them on a walk with a few other dogs for an hour or so, and make sure they’re settled again in your home. It is a great way to break up the day for them, and they’ll often spend the rest of the afternoon napping.

So, keeping your pooch happy isn’t hard, but you should always make it your number one aim!



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