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Love is…A Wet Nose & Waggy Tail

Love might not be in the air this Valentine’s Day, as over three-quarters of pet owners say their four-legged friends are more loyal than their partners.

New research from PDSA Pet Insurance also found that owners value the unconditional devotion shown by pets over attention from their human partner. In fact, with a whopping 86 per cent of pet owners prefer to curl up on the sofa with their pet, rather than their other half.

Tina Sleigh, PDSA Pet Insurance Manager, said: “The loyalty and devotion that our pets show towards us is unwavering and it’s heart-warming to see so many owners want to repay some of that friendship to their pets; even though they might end up in their partner’s bad book!”

The survey also found that 90 per cent of owners were more likely to buy a treat for their pet than for their significant other.

The reciprocated love for their pets sees owners going to great lengths to keep them happy: three per cent of owners say they have even cancelled or changed their holiday plans because their pet was unwell.

Meanwhile, one-in-ten pet owners say that providing vet treatment has been their biggest commitment to their pet, sometimes shelling out thousands of pounds for treatment when their pet became seriously ill.


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