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Making Your Pet Feel Comfortable

As a pet owner you are tasked with the very important job of ensuring that your pet is as comfortable as it can be. It is your responsibility to make sure they are never left wanting in the comfort department — and you cannot shirk on this responsibility, not ever. However, you should know that different types of pets have different comfort demands. Read on to find out just a few of these differences as well as ways on how to make your pet, no matter what it is, as comfortable as can be.

Comforting Dogs

When it comes to comforting man’s best friend, first of all you need to protect them as best you can from loud noises. Simply, dogs never have liked and never will like loud bangs. This means that nights where fireworks fill the sky are your dogs worst enemy. During these times you should try to, yourself, act as calm and as nonchalant as possible around your dog. Doing so, instead of snuggling and treating them will go a long way to making them feel normal, and ultimately less scared of the bangs outside. Also, as a dog owner you should always keep an eye out for the most common illnesses that can strike your poor pooch. And when you notice something may be wrong, you need to act upon it quickly.

Comforting Cats

Although cats may not always give their true feelings away with ease, they still feel discomfort. They still feel anxiety. And to calm an anxious cat, you can to do a number of things. You can cover their eyes in order to force them to be more attuned to their other senses. You can gently rub their scruff (the skin that connects their head to their neck) to remind them of their time as a kitten. And you can simply sing them a song.

Comforting Fish

Making any fish that you own feel comfortable may seem like a silly notion, but they are living creatures and therefore need their own special brand of comfort. And the main thing you can do to induce this comfort is to ensure that one, their tank is not too over inhabited and two, that it is cleaned our regularly. When it comes to over inhabiting your tank, a good rule of thumb to work by is that for every 1 cm of fish you own you will need 1 litre in the tank. So, if you own 17 fish that each measure up to 3 cm, then 50 litre tanks are what you should be looking to invest in. By doing so you also give yourself less tank to clean too — this means that it will be easier for you to keep atop of the the upkeep of it. Even though your fish can’t give you any sort of feedback as to what they do and do not like specifically, like dogs and cats can, you still need to do all you can to ensure they are swimming through their lives comfortably.

Comforting your pet, no matter what type of animal it is, is a responsibility you simply cannot shirk on. So, don’t shirk on it!


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