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National Pet Remembrance Day to be Held on Wednesday 5th July

The third national Pet Remembrance Day, where people across the UK will remember beloved companion animals that have died, is to be held on Wednesday 5th July.

Pet Remembrance Day provides an opportunity for people to celebrate the lives of pets and the increasing number of ways in which we can commemorate them.

Pet Remembrance Day, which is organised by 3D printing specialists Arty Lobster (www.artylobster.com) and Pets Magazine (www.petsmag.co.uk), is once again proud to support The Oldies Club (www.oldies.org.uk) – a national charity, which rehomes dogs aged seven and over in need of homes.

A Twitter chat will take place on 5th July using the hashtag #PetRemembranceDay for people to show their support and share thoughts and photos of deceased companion animals.

Best-selling author and speaker Wendy Van de Poll, MS, CEOL (Certified End of Life and Pet Loss Grief Coach and Founder of Center for Pet Loss Grief, LLC) explained: “Pet Remembrance Day is a time for outwardly expressing your deepest love for your pets that have reached the end of their lives. The feelings of pet loss grief are deep within your soul and often-times you may not give yourself permission to express your emotions of grief.

“Outwardly mourning is a way of saying good bye in a very healthy way by celebrating the life of your beloved companions. Paying tribute to those animals that touched your heart with a pet funeral, memorial, or remembrance will help you heal your loss all the while keeping the love of your companion close by.”

Wendy added: “Pet Remembrance Day is a great reminder for you to get in touch with your feelings of loss and learn how they are going to help you throughout your life. Our animal companions are extremely wise and teach us so much. Mourn your emotions and commemorate the life of your beloved companion with this holiday dedicated to loving people like you.”

Lars B Andersen, CEO of Arty Lobster, said: “A growing part of our customer base is served by people looking for that lasting memento of their pet.  

“Pet Remembrance Day is a special day when people can collectively remember departed pets and celebrate the importance they play in our lives.

“We can feel for people like actor Tom Hardy who is grieving the loss of his rescue dog Woody. Pets are like family, and this national day is an important day when people will take time out, even if just a few moments, to remember deceased pets.”

On Pet Remembrance Day, there are many ways in which people can remember deceased pets, including:

  • A memorial service in a place where the pet liked to walk or play.
  • A living memorial by planting a tree or flowerbed
  • A pet sculpture or portrait featuring the pet or their image printed on a coaster or other accessory
  • A scrapbook with photos and other reminders of the pet.
  • An online memorial with photos of the pet
  • A poem about the pet
  • Donating to charities like The Oldies Club or volunteering at an animal rescue centre

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