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New Documentary Series Challenges Views of The Homeless & Their Pets

  • When you walk past a homeless person and their dog, do you question or judge their relationship?
  •   86% of people think pets can be just as much a companion as another person, but over 60% judge those who struggle financially and also keep an animal.
  • New documentary series ‘Home is where their dog is’ sets out to challenge that judgement.

Mayhew animal welfare charity has partnered with internationally acclaimed production company Iconoclast, to challenge public perceptions of homeless pet ownership with a brand new series of short documentary films – which readers can watch below.

“Home is where their dog is” follows the lives of three homeless men and their dogs, and give an unrivalled insight into the unique supportive bond they share.

A spokesperson for Mayhew said: “We are in the grips of a growing homelessness crisis. Two thirds of Londoners agree that animal welfare issues and social issues are linked – and so do we.

By showing the life-saving emotional support pet dogs have on a homeless person’s physical and mental well-being, we hope ‘Home is where their dog is’ will inspire support and empathy from the public, and change the way homeless people and their four-legged companions are viewed.”

Gulbar & Lucky’s Story

Shaun & Toffee’s Story

Wully & Azzy’s Story


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