Over a Third of People Shun Pet Adoption Due to Medical Expense Worries

Dog in rescue centre looking forlorn

New findings highlight that more than a third (35%) of UK adults are hesitant to adopt a pet, fearing the potential high medical costs involved. This concern is compounded by the fact that over 1 in 10 (11%) believe they would face difficulties securing pet insurance for a rescue dog or cat.

Despite these concerns, a significant number (38%) of those who have adopted a dog or cat admit to not having any pet insurance. This is especially risky considering the latest statistics from Co-op Insurance, which indicate the average pet insurance claim stands at over £690, with claims for dogs sometimes exceeding £1,200 and for cats over £1,300.

In light of these worries about the medical history of rescue pets, FirstVet, a 24/7 independent digital veterinary clinic collaborating with Co-op Insurance, reassures prospective pet owners. “Most animals undergo a veterinary check before adoption. If they’re given a clean bill of health, adopting should pose no issue,” states Emma Bower, Lead Vet at FirstVet.

She further adds, “Adopting from a reputable rescue charity ensures the pet has received a thorough health examination both upon arrival at the shelter and before moving to a new home. Furthermore, most places ensure the pet is fully vaccinated, and that flea and worm treatments are current.”

This proactive approach to healthcare transparency before adoption gives new owners a comprehensive understanding of any potential health or behaviour issues.

The study also uncovered that over half (54%) of those without pet insurance for their rescue dogs or cats perceive it as too costly. In response, Co-op Insurance is offering an introductory discount on policies for pets adopted from recognised animal charities or rescue centres. This includes a 7.5% discount for Co-op member owners and a 2.5% discount for non-members, aiming to make pet adoption more accessible.

Andrew Nevitt, Head of Co-op Pet Insurance, comments on the ongoing challenge of rehoming abandoned pets and the associated insurance misconceptions. “It’s encouraging that our research indicates a significant proportion of dog and cat owners have adopted their pets from rescue organisations. We’re committed to dispelling myths about insuring rescue pets and supporting adopters with initial policy discounts, helping more pets find permanent homes.”

For additional details on how Co-op pet insurance can support your decision to adopt, visit: www.coop.co.uk/insurance/pet-insurance.

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