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Paralympic Champion Libby Clegg & Guide Dog Hatti

Libby and Hatti

Libby and Hatti

Here’s GB Paralympic athlete and brand ambassador, Libby Clegg and her guide dog Hatti visiting the Eukanuba stand during the recent Crufts weekend.

Silver medal athlete Libby spoke about preparing for Rio, upcoming competitions and what Hatti to means to her as both a working dog and a beloved pet. Libby caught up with Channel 4 Cruft’s presenter Iwan Thomas on the Eukanuba stand.


Principle Sponsors of Crufts, Eukanuba celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the world’s largest dog show.

Speaking about her day at Crufts, Libby commented: “This was my second year at Crufts, but first as ambassador for Eukanuba. I was really excited to be here with Eukanuba and meet visitors on the stand, as well as talk to Iwan for Channel 4 on what having Hatti means to me.

“Hatti helps me live a more independent life day-to-day but is also by myside when I’m training and sometimes she’ll join in when we are warming up or cooling down. And if I’ve had a hard session, she’s always there for a cuddle. She is a really important part my life and she means the world to me.”