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Premium vs Budget Dog Food: Which to Choose?  

PictureA decent doggy diet is fundamental if you want your pet to live a healthy and happy life. Although with so many brands and products available, it’s no wonder that it can be a little tricky working out which food is best to serve to your dog.

It’s easy to be persuaded to purchase specific brands, but have you ever stopped to think about what’s actually contained in the ingredients? Well just like humans, your dog’s nutrition will have a significant impact on their overall mood, health and wellbeing.

As each individual brand and product varies in both quality and price, which options should you choose? Let’s take a closer look.

Premium brands, premium quality 

The main factors that influence which food you buy your dog are price, quality and brand.

Established brands may cost you more initially, however bargain foods can cost you more in the long run, especially in relation to your pet’s health. A long spell on cheap budget products can have a damaging effect on your dog’s teeth, organs, muscles and coat.

On the whole, brands that are renowned and charge more as a result use fewer preservatives, additives, and better quality ingredients. In contrast, if the food is cheaper, it’s likely that it contains less protein. Premium food will provide your dog with the nutrients they need and will also help to avoid any allergies that your pet could be suffering from.

Although you will be paying more for premium food, it will actually contain more of what your dog needs as part of a stable and balanced diet.

Wet dog food and contents 

There’s nothing wrong with wet food as part of a sufficient diet, however remember to check the label to see how much water is contained within each product.

Cheap variations of this type of food may cost you less, although the water contents could be as high as 80%. On the other hand, a premium product is likely to contain less water and more of the actual product – which again is more beneficial for your pet.

Puppy diets 

Don’t forget that if you own a puppy, it will require a different feeding regime compared to adult dogs. Start by using formulated growth food and feed them four meals a day initially until they are four to six months old. At this stage, two meals a day will be enough for them to take on board the nutrients and protein they require.

During the early stages of their development it’s important that you feed your pup quality dog food. Premium products that cater specifically for puppies will enhance their growth and maintain good health as they get older.

Premium dry food for example is a good choice and this will have more of a positive impact on preventing any damaging health issues later on in life.

Complete dog food 

If the food you are buying states that it’s ‘complete’, then it contains the right balance of nutrients that your dog needs. This consists of protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins and water.

If any issues arise later on in your dog’s life as a result of poor nutrition, then you may have to pay out for medical treatment.

Complete premium dog food suitable for all breeds is a good choice, but remember you still need to read the ingredients on the label to determine the quality of the product.

Specific breeds 

If you are worried that your dog has specific dietary requirements due to their breed, or from diabetes or IBS, speak to your vet or pet supplies store for further advice and assistance.

Premium products are always better, although you might not be able to feed them this type of food. Speaking to your vet first will allow you to understand their needs and find a suitable premium product that can fit in with their existing diet.

The difference with premium

If you are feeding your dog budget food and you transfer to a healthy, premium-quality diet, it won’t take you long to notice the difference.

Similar to humans eating cheap food, your pet won’t suffer from highs and lows of extreme hyperactive activity before crashing and feeling lethargic and sleepy.

A premium-quality and balanced diet will release energy at a consistent level throughout the day so your dog’s mood will be more manageable and they’ll look and feel better as a result.

Remember – where possible always use premium over budget products when it comes to feeding your beloved four-legged friend.

This post was written by Time for Paws, a leading online pet supplies, pet food, and pet accessories store.