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Review: Furbo Dog Camera, a Great Piece of Pet Tech!

If like most dog owners, you sometimes have to leave your precious pooch home alone, and would like to find out what they’re up to, this nifty pet tech from Furbo is for you. Or rather, we say, your dog will love the Furbo Dog Camera!

The Furbo Dog Camera lets you tune into your very own ‘channel dog’ to find out if your fur baby is behaving well or is bored when you’re away from him. But, and what’s majorly exciting, is that the Furbo is not principally for you – oh no, it’s for the delight and delectation of your pooch, for it dispenses treats on demand….

Hang on, but won’t said pooch turn into portly pooch? No, because, this gadget is controlled by you via an app on your phone. And you’re a responsible owner. Great, eh?

The Furbo is now compatible with Alexa, ramping up the fun even more!

The HD super-wide image offers a 160-degree view of the room in which you place it. It features night vision and a high quality two-way microphone, so you can hear your dog and your pet can hear you. There is a capacity to hold around 100 small treats, so your dog won’t get bored easily. The Furbo is now also compatible with Alexa, which means it’s voice activated, ramping up the fun up even more.

Furbo can detect your dog’s barks, and will send an automatic push notification to your phone. You can then decide, whether to remotely dispense a treat, speak to your dog, or even sing to him, if that’s his bag!

Mimics Clicker Training

Remarkably, Furbo has been programmed to mimic clicker training, which is something that most dog owners attending dog training classes literally anywhere will have come across. Furbo makes a “clicking” sound before tossing a treat. This helps your dog establish a positive feeling towards Furbo. You can finally play with your dog and reward them remotely.

Cleverly, Furbo uses the colour spectrum that dogs can see – i.e. Yellow and blue. The device’s status indicator changes from yellow to blue to attract your dog’s attention; yellow being sleep mode and blue meaning that the gadget is ready to dispense tasty treats, or hear your voice.

The Furbo looks sleek as well, and will fit in seamlessly with other high-tech gadgets in the home. It’s also sturdy enough to withstand the attentions of the most boisterous dog; so you can rest safely in the knowledge that you won’t arrive home to find it in pieces with its contents strewn all over the floor, or, worse still, in your dog’s distended tummy!

Where can I buy the Furbo Dog Camera?

The Furbo is available online at Furbo and, if you act quickly, there is a substantial discount on the camera, which is currently priced at £129.00 until 23rd December.

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