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REVIEW: The Fragrance-Free Air Freshener

We’re reviewing Oderase, the no-smell air freshener, which is exclusively available from Ocado.

Let us tell you that this fragrance-free, odour erasing bathroom spray is a revelation. Primarily a bathroom spray (for reasons we won’t go into here…), Oderase by husband and wife team Aqdot, can also be used extremely effectively to blitz unwanted smells, odours, litle accidents perpetrated by your pet!

The spray uses a new technology, developed by scientists and innovators at Aqdot, a company originally spun out of the Cambridge University, to instantly eliminate bad smells. Oderase effectively clears bad smells by capturing bad odour molecules and erasing them from the air.

Simply spray the pump action non-aerosol spray at the bad smell, and hey presto, within seconds it is gone. There is none of that sickly sweet air freshener smell – or ‘lavender’, ‘white linen’ etc – left behind to linger for hours; instead there’s a lovely non-offensive or sick-making clean smell of absolutely nothing.

Oderase is priced at £4.99 for 100ml, or £3.99 for a limited time only. Each bottle contains up to 500 spritzes. It is currently exclusively available in Ocado.

The product has already been endorsed by the independent testing organisations Allergy UK and the Good House Keeping Institute.