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Safe Washing Methods For A Clean and Content Horse

Owning a horse comes with an abundance of pleasure and joy; you have a best friend who soothes you and gives you the excitement of riding. You don’t like discussing the downfalls of having a horse, but it is important to address the amount of time it takes to clean and care for them so they remain healthy and happy. You are always looking for the latest equestrian tips to keep you well informed and now it’s time to branch out even further and seek out some more maintenance tips. Here are a handful of ways that you can wash your horse whilst keeping the environment, themselves and yourself completely safe. Regular washing will ensure the horse performs well and remains content at all times.

Upgrade Your Facilities

If your stable isn’t already equipped with the necessary items to wash and clear away the soapy water from your horse then you might need to consider this. Take some time to design a washing area that suits your individual needs. There is no ones size fits all method, but you should also seriously consider the impact you have on the environment. Your stable could be contributing massively to your cities sewers so it is advised that you look online for the septic tanks available. This will allow gallons of soapy water to flow smoothly down the drain at all, without contributing negatively to your local sewer systems.

Location Is Key

You want to think about where exactly you plan on washing your horse. Think about where the spray and run off is going to end up within your wash facilities. You might consider an outdoor washing area to be the best for you and your horse so you aren’t trapped inside a damp and loud indoor stall.

They Need Space

Size really matters when it comes to keeping your horse clean; small wash racks can actually be quite dangerous for the horse and you, so make sure you have plenty of room around you. Depending on the temperament of your horse you might want to consider the layout too. An open space will always be the safest option for everybody, but if you have to be indoors then opt for at least a ten foot by ten foot space.

Think About Your Water Supply

You will need a strong water pressure coming from your hose, so make sure you invest in a high quality, industrial hose if you can. You should make sure your hydrant isn’t going to freeze over in cold weather too, so a frost-free one should be your first choice. You always want to consider the environment, so you want a secure, brass pressure nozzle that isn’t going to waste water when it’s not in use.

Washing your horse doesn’t have the be the dreaded chore you look ahead to every week, make it practical, simple and fun. Your horse is just like a human; they perspire, they get dirty and they need a good old scrub from time to time. This will keep their body healthy and safe from dangers such as worms. As long as you are aware of how to wash and care for your horse they will be living an enjoyable and care free life with you.