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The Best Horsecare Advice For Beginners

Horses make fantastic pets, and they’re gorgeous creatures. Having said that, there’s a lot you need to know about looking after a horse if you’ve never owned one before. Don’t worry, all the best advice you need can be found in the points below:

Find A Large Open Field For Your Horse To Live

Horses aren’t going to live in your house or in your garden like most other pets. Instead, you need to find a large open field for them to live in. This is because horses are big animals that like to walk around a lot and stretch their legs. They need a sense of freedom, and a field is the easiest way to provide it. Plus, horses eat grass which means they’ll essentially be living in a giant buffet at all times as they can graze on the grass as they please. It’s important that you find a field that’s big enough and doesn’t include too many other horses as well. An overcrowded field will soon be a big problem as your horse will struggle for space. Lastly, try and find somewhere that’s close to where you live as it makes visiting your horse so much easier.

Make Sure You Provide Your Horse With Shelter

Depending on where your horse lives, there may or may not be stables by the field. Ideally, you want to find somewhere that does provide stables that you can use. However, don’t fret if there isn’t, as you can easily get your hands on field shelters for horses or internal stables that they can live in when the weather gets rough. It’s much better if you can provide shelter for your horse on the field they’re in as it makes everything easier. It’s easier for you to move them to the shelter and groom them, and it’s easy for them to just trot in there if they’re getting too cold outside.

Groom Your Horse Regularly

Horses are truly beautiful animals, but their beauty comes with a cost. The cost is that it will cost you hours of your time grooming your horse regularly. While it may take long, the benefits of it are easily seen. Your horse will look much better and be more healthy too. Grooming includes lots of things, most notably brushing their coat, checking their teeth, and making sure their hooves are in good condition too. To do all of this you’ll need to purchase a horse grooming kit, but it will end up lasting you a long time.

Buy A Horse Trailer For Your Car

Finally, you need to get your hands on a little trailer for your car that can be used to transport your horse. There are many reasons you may need to do this, perhaps you’re riding your horse at an event and need to take it to that event? Or, you just want to go for a ride somewhere that’s far away. Of course, you may need to move your horse if you’re switching fields or taking them to a vet. Regardless, you need a horse trailer for transportation.

Use this advice if you’re a first-time horse owner and life will be a lot easier for both you and your horse.