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Who Will Finally Give Sam His Forever Home?


‘Young at heart’ Sam the Staffie has watched 134 dogs be rehomed before him

This month marks Sam’s one year anniversary in RSPCA care – that’s 365 days of waiting to find his forever home.

Sam, the 13-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, came into the care of RSPCA South Godstone in Surrey after his owners circumstances changed and they could no longer care for him.

Sadly, he has now spent a whole year in RSPCA care and has watched 134 dogs find their forever homes before him.

The ‘Golden Oldie’ is still young at heart and will make the perfect companion – he just needs someone to give him a chance. Sam’s bags are now packed and he’s ready to go (pictured).

Emily Jefferson, Animal Care Assistant at RSPCA South Godstone, said: “Poor Sam has waited a whopping 365 days to find a home – that’s a whole year of watching other dogs in the kennels around him be snapped up and find their forever homes.

“We’re not really sure why Sam has been overlooked for so long. He’s incredibly friendly and loves fuss but he really does need time away from kennel life. He enjoys a bit of calm, peace and quiet where he can relax and just enjoy being a dog.

“We marked Sam’s one year anniversary with a doggy cake and now he has packed his bags, ready to go, in the hope someone will rehome him. I’ve also been posting a picture of Sam every day this month asking our supporters and followers to spot him on our walks, or spy him peeking out from the window. He’s such a good sport and I really hope this will help him get noticed!”

Staffies and Staffie crosses remain the most common breed of dog coming into the RSPCA’s care (277 and 170, respectively, in 2018). In 2017, the RSPCA’s 17 nationally-run animal centres took in 5,208 dogs, 10.5% of which were Staffies or Staffie crosses (409 and 136 respectively).  

Sam has been busy being a social media star to help him stand out from the crowd.

He will need a quiet, adult-only home and would prefer to be the only dog.

Emily added: “He is looking for a dedicated and understanding owner, someone who will patiently guide him and help him to overcome some of his fears and insecurities.”

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