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Why we’re lucky as dog owners to live in the UK

I recently read an article in a Canadian magazine that celebrated the UK as a land where dogs are really made to feel welcome. The writer described how canines in this ‘happy and welcoming country’ are allowed in pubs, on public transport, off leash in parks; freedoms we as dog owners take for granted in the UK. In the US and Canada, ‘dog parks’ are a fixture, as canines are forbidden to go off-leash in all public places and are not allowed on public transport or in bars or coffee shops. 

The other day, a fellow dog walker Tweeted about how dogs are allowed into Beamish Museum (the grounds, not buildings) and I couldn’t help but respond that this was my dog’s favourite day out. Not only can she enjoy a lovely countryside walk with a difference (time travel to the early 1900s!) but she has also become something of a regular in the museum’s pub, The Sun Inn, where she enjoys nibbles of pork pie and crisps! 

The writer in the Canadian magazine also marveled about dogs in pubs in general and the joy of being able to take our pets on public transport. I have travelled on the East Coast mainline with my dog and she just loves watching the world whoosh by. It’s a freedom that I truly hope we can keep.

I also love the fact that if I need a newspaper or a pint of milk, my local shop allows ‘small’ dogs. My pooch has also become a regular there and gets bits of chew or a little sweet every time she comes in with me. She also likes to say ‘hello’ to everyone she meets, whether that’s at the local shop or at the nearby post office.

While I love our freedoms in this country, I think we could be even more welcoming of our canine friends. France is an even better country for Canadians to emulate for dog friendliness, in my opinion. I have seen small, very well-behaved dogs sitting next to their owners in restaurants waiting for tasty scraps. And wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to walk round Tescos with your dog?! Now, I am in cloud Cuckoo land…!