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Battersea Dog Finds His Feet After Getting His Own Support Dog!

Could You Find a Place in Your Heart & Home for Big Softie Fraser?

A big dog who was too scared to leave his kennel has grown in confidence and is now ready to find a new home, all thanks to the help of a tiny Pug.

Being large in size with cropped ears and a docked tail, it’s not surprising that at a first glance people may find one-year-old Fraser intimidating. Unnecessary tail and ear docking is illegal in the UK, and those found guilty of performing the procedure could be charged for animal cruelty offences.

But despite his looks, the staff at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home soon found that the young dog was far from intimidating; he was so scared that he’d refuse to leave his kennel, even for a short walk.

That was until Fraser met Pancake; a six-month-old Pug who had been adopted from Battersea by one of the charity’s Canine Behaviourists, Elizabeth Kidd. Trying everything they could to help, Battersea’s staff decided to introduce another dog to Fraser and little Pancake’s confident nature made him the perfect candidate.

Best pals: Pancake and Fraser

Elizabeth Kidd, Canine Behaviourist at Battersea said:

“Although Pancake and Fraser didn’t appear to be the most likely pairing, it was heart-warming to see how well they got along. Little Pancake really taught Fraser how to be a brave dog and be more confident in himself.

“Thanks to Pancake the Pug’s help, Fraser has grown in confidence so much that he is ready to go home by himself. Fraser is looking for a new family who will make sure that he will have plenty of canine friends to play with, as this is something he really benefits from. Fraser really thrived in his friendship with Pancake; helping him to come out of his shell.

“Some nervous dogs in a kennel environment may find a friend beneficial. Where appropriate we pair less confident dogs up with those who are more resilient and cope well with new environments, like our kennels. Alongside other tailored behavioural and training support this can be an additional way to help them feel comfortable whilst with us.”

If you think you could give Fraser home, please visit www.battersea.org.uk.