From Oinks to I Do’s: Love Stories Bloom at Kew Little Pigs


Nestled in the heart of Buckinghamshire, Kew Little Pigs is celebrating the season of love with a twist that goes beyond human romance. This award-winning attraction is witnessing its animal residents forming piggy pairings, while offering a unique backdrop for those ready to take their relationship to the next level – with a proposal!

Mia and Scarlet, the farm’s star micro pigs, epitomise companionship, spending every moment together in a display of inseparability. Not far behind in the relationship stakes are Blanket and Gizmo, whose connection is as sturdy as it is heartwarming. However, Blanket harbours a cheeky secret from his past—a daring adventure in 2021 that saw him fathering an astonishing 70 piglets after a nocturnal escapade!

piglets in the shape of a heart

In anticipation of spring, the farm is abuzz with the news of three litters of piglets on the way, adding to the air of excitement. In celebration, the farm has launched a competition inviting predictions on the piglets’ names and the sizes of the litters, with a ‘Silver Pig Adoption Package’ up for grabs for the lucky winner.

Olivia Mikhail, the brainchild behind Kew Little Pigs, beams with pride as she talks about the upcoming piglet boom: “Henry has certainly been making the most of his time, with three of his partners expecting. With Squeaks, Tina, and Blossom due soon, we’re eagerly preparing for our new additions. These piglets will either stay with us to greet visitors or find new homes to bring joy to.”

Kew Little Pigs stands out not just as an animal attraction but as a testament to the joy animals bring into our lives. Recognised globally for its ethical breeding practices and as a leading breeder of micro pigs, the farm has also captured hearts by facilitating unique marriage proposals set against the backdrop of its adorable inhabitants.

Olivia highlights the unique charm of proposing at the farm: “There’s something truly special about witnessing the joy our animals bring, especially in moments as tender as a marriage proposal. We’re more than happy to help plan a moment that will be remembered forever.”

For those interested in joining the piglet prediction contest or planning a proposal that stands out, reach out via

To learn more about this enchanting farm where love and companionship flourish in the most unexpected of ways, visit At Kew Little Pigs, love stories unfold in the most enchanting settings, proving that affection knows no boundaries, not even species.

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