‘The Unlovables’: Show a Long-stay Dog Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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RSPCA desperate to find homes for lovable dogs this February

As we hold our special ones – and beloved pets – close this Valentine’s Day, there are some pooches who are feeling unlucky in love.

Sadly, some of the RSPCA’s gorgeous residents have been waiting many years to meet their true love. But now, the charity – which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year – is pulling out all the stops for The Unlovables in the hopes of finding them all their perfect match…


Four-year-old Mia was just nine days old when she was rescued with her mum and siblings from poor conditions in October 2019. She’s since spent her whole life under RSPCA care: that’s four years and four months. The Dutch Shepherd is highly intelligent and very active so needs someone who can keep up with her. She can get over-excited at times so is currently walked in a muzzle and is looking for an owner who is keen to continue her training. However, she’s incredibly affectionate and great fun to spend time with. She’d like a quiet, semi-rural home without children where she’ll be the only pet. 


Staffordshire bull terrier cross Zeus is a happy, goofy chap with bundles of energy who is very smart and absolutely loves playing games and learning new tricks. The four-year-old has spent one year and three months waiting to find his forever home. He absolutely loves people and his tail doesn’t stop wagging when he meets someone, but he doesn’t like other dogs so will need owners who can continue his training to build his confidence when out on walks and can take him out in rural settings away from busy dog locations. Zeus could live with a family who have older children but he’d like to be the only pet.


Cheeky terrier Yoko arrived in RSPCA care in 2021 and has been waiting a very long two years and 11 months for his second chance. The five-year-old is a little chap with a big personality. He has loads of energy and absolutely loves to be outdoors but has a strong hunting instinct so needs owners who can keep him above ground and out of rabbit holes! Yoko is looking for an adult home without other animals (as he wants to chase them all!) but he loves playing with other dogs so would enjoy sociable walks and outings. 


Lurcher Sarah, three, was rescued by RSPCA inspectors as part of a welfare case in March 2021, meaning she has been in the charity’s care for two years and 11 months. She is a sweet-natured dog who initially comes across as shy but then lets out her loving and cheeky side. She loves zooming around and playing, but also loves climbing into your lap for a cuddle. She needs experienced owners who can help her learn to adapt to life in a home environment and isn’t used to being around children so would prefer an adult home, preferably with a large garden for her to play in.


German Shepherd cross Jaxon is a sweet, loving boy who has become a firm favourite among RSPCA staff caring for him. They cannot understand why he’s been waiting for a home for one year and 10 months. The three-year-old loves attention from people and enjoys nothing more than a tummy rub! He can be sensitive and very nervous of new people – so will need a quiet home with owners who can give him time and space to build his confidence. He could live with older children but would like to be the only pet, and has an ongoing skin allergy which requires medication which, hopefully, he can be weaned off.


Spud, previously called Sirus, came into the care of the RSPCA in November 2021 and has been waiting for a new home for two years and three months. The seven-year-old Labrador was originally rescued from Romania and finds meeting new people and other dogs really difficult so needs owners who can help build his confidence. He loves people once he gets to know them and food is the key to his heart which makes training lots of fun for him! He’s looking for a rural adult-only home where he can enjoy the quiet life and will get lots of reassurance from his new best friend.

Find Each Other

RSPCA dog welfare expert Esme Wheeler said: “All of the dogs who come into our care have unique stories and come from different backgrounds. They’re all individuals who have varying needs and that’s why our teams work incredibly hard to get to know them.

“Sadly, some of our dogs have had traumatic starts to life and may need more time with our training, behaviour and rehabilitation teams. While others are looking for specific homes and can struggle to find a family who can give them everything they need. However, we never give up on them and, while it can take months – and even, sometimes, years – we do our very best to find them their perfect match.”

The RSPCA has hundreds of dogs looking for homes across its network of rehoming centres and branches. If you could offer a dog a new home, please visit Find A Pet to find your perfect match.

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