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Missing Dog Alert: Ellie


BREED: Cocker Spaniel

SEX: Female


On Friday 19th October 2018, 3-year old Cocker Spaniel Ellie had spent the day in a garden in Towcaster, opposite the race course in Northampton whilst dad, Iain was working there. Ellie very rarely left his side so this was a very normal day for them both.

At home time, Iain put Ellie in his van and went back to pack up his tools. In the 15 minutes it took for him to do that and return, someone had stolen Ellie from his Renault van.


This was the beginning of the family’s nightmare, something sadly they are reliving every day.

Ellie’s heartbroken mum says “Ellie’s theft has made me feel numb. It has effected me massively and the pain still isn’t getting any better.

Ellie’s bowls are still in the same place they were on the day of her disappearance, her dog bed still lies in the same place with her favourite toy on top. I am keeping them exactly where they are in hope that we will be reunited one day”

Northamptonshire Police were informed of Ellie’s theft immediately and all potential leads have been forwarded onto them to investigate. The Northamptonshire Police have also made other police forces aware.

The family have ensured their local community are aware of Ellie’s case and have printed hundreds of posters which have been distributed as far as possible, including to all local vets and Ellie’s microchip has been updated to reflect she has been stolen.

Ellie also has a Facebook page dedicated to her. Her family know that one share, one lead, one person could be the potential link that will bring their beloved Ellie back home where she belongs.

Iain says “If you have any information that may help us in the search for Ellie, I urge you to please come forward and help us.

And if you have Ellie, please do the right thing and hand Ellie back to us. She has a loving home where she is missed hugely.”

The response the family has already had regarding Ellie’s disappearance has been overwhelming and has made the awful time that little bit easier but they still need that one bit of information that will bring Ellie home.

Ellie celebrated her 3rd birthday without her family, so please help raise awareness so that Ellie spends her 4th birthday with the people that love her most in the world. And please, if you know something, say something.

If you have any information relating to Ellie’s theft or you know where she is, please contact DogLost directly on 0844 800 3220. There’s a substantial reward for Ellie’s safe return to her family.




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